View Full Version : guess whos back?

-10th September 2003, 13:58
Hello everybody I am back from my holiday and ready to go through my 473 e-mails so people who have had problems will be hearing from me soon.

PS Bali was great lots of surfing and diving and I havae a great tan. :cool:

-10th September 2003, 14:43
Hey KingKenny!

Nice to have you back.

It's been quiet[ish].

-10th September 2003, 15:45
You lucky sod, I wish I could go on holiday but as a poor uni student, all I can do is work.

-10th September 2003, 16:42
Guess who's back? Lord Lucan, maybe?

-11th September 2003, 11:05
Its an m and m song.

Ps News updated.

-11th September 2003, 19:18
Glad you had a good time, it's great to have you back!!!! :)

-11th September 2003, 19:34
473 emails - what a luxury. When I got back to work after 3 weeks hols I had 936! Mind you, most of them were offering to give me a longer harder endurance you know what. And the others were offering to enhance the size of my chest or supplement my degree with any number of degrees. Oh and of course nigerians looking for someone to send a shed load of money to and all you had to do was give them your bank account details and send some money to bribe a government official at their end.:cash:

-12th September 2003, 13:32
I did not know you were on my mailing list tubby ;)