View Full Version : Have the C team got the results correct?

Barry Paul
-11th September 2003, 10:22
The C team have informed that all results are present and correct.
Anyone who disagrees please let us know. Barry Paul

-13th September 2003, 10:57
....will go and have a look and let you know, boss............

-13th September 2003, 11:12
Curate's eggish - the <15 boy's appear to be out of the <13 ranking list now. BUT there are still no results up for Warwick and Scotland, so pretty please, if the organisers haven't sent them in (and I can't believe that of Nick), can they do so AND THEY BE POSTED ?? I'm not really shouting, but would really like to know so we can work out if we go to Bath and/or Whitgift.......pretty, pretty please????:(

;) ;) really...........

Barry Paul
-16th September 2003, 10:23
results should now be upto date if not you know what you have to do. Barry Paul

-16th September 2003, 22:23
They is up, alright !!!

Have a good holiday - why are you still in Blighty??;) ;)