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-12th September 2003, 17:43
Hey everybody,
I'm the treasurer in my college fencing club and it's basically up to me now to find out what to order. Well...I've been looking at a bunch of different companies and of course the prices differ...So I guess I just want other people's opinions on quality. I've only ever had Santelli equipment and it held up great...but there also more expensive than other places. Who do you think has the best quality? Is Leon Paul "The Shit" of equipment? Thanks for your input!

-12th September 2003, 17:50
Kevin- you might want to move this question over to www.fencing.net instead. fencingforum has a british centricity while fencing.net is primarily US focused. The answers are likely to be noticibly different (people in London are unlikely to have ordered from Blade, Santelli, Triplette, Blue Gauntlet, American Fencers, Fencing Post, etc., while US people are unlikely to want to order from Duellist or gofence and are less likely to order directly from LP).

fencing.net also has a reviews section that includes reviews of the various vendors and manufacturers.

-B :)

-18th September 2003, 20:11
Having ordered from most of the vendors out there, your best bang for the buck will be with LP, Fechsport-Langenkamp, or The Fencing Post. The Uhlmann/Allstar and LP gear are about on par and about the same price (I assume you are ordering clothing). For blades, my school used the LP non-maraging epee blades because their durability outweighed the additional cost. We used the fleche saber blades from a local vendor because even the expesive saber blades broke regularly and these were the cheapest we could find. We used france-lame foil blades because at the time they were the cheapest for the amount of time they lasted. Most clothing was santelli, but it was bought a long time ago before there were other cheap options. That being said, the santelli cotton duct jackets last a long time, but are somewhat dangerous once the velcro gives out.