View Full Version : Whitgift LPJS Epee for this year only is moving to

Barry Paul
-17th November 2006, 18:52
Nick Chapman school in the midlands, more information will be made available Monday. Barry

-20th November 2006, 10:27
Will be at Warwick School. Entry form to follow when I get home and lift it off my e-mail.:thumbs_up

-20th November 2006, 11:45
Entry Form attached. :)

-20th November 2006, 12:34
Will this event count towards the LP league standings?

Barry Paul
-20th November 2006, 13:34
Count towards points for LPJS. (As lomg as there are a reasonable number of fencers, please don't ask what is reasonable we will see after the event!)

Gangsta G
-20th November 2006, 13:49
Presumably the LPJS Whitgift sabre is still cancelled?

-20th November 2006, 23:52
The Whitgift was also a cadet age group selected event so will this still stand as such?

-21st November 2006, 06:53
I'm fairly sure that this is why Nick has taken over the running of it at such short notice - he doesn't want the Cadets to miss out on a competition carrying points.

-21st November 2006, 08:17
Thanks Lynne, I did assume that, but just wanted to confirm:)

-21st November 2006, 14:26
LPJS standard entry forms are online in the usual place here:

Please remember this is still nominated and still counts to LPJS rankings. Prizes for the series will be posted out after the event so if you win you will need to email
LPJS "at" leonpaul.com.

Cymru Fach
-10th December 2006, 10:20
Some results

Boys U17 Epee
1st Rhys Melia
2nd Greg Carty
3rd= Boris Davis

Boys U15 Epee
1st Alex Ferguson
2nd Adam Williams (Myself)
3rd= George Orchart
3rd= Chris Beagrie

Girls U13 Epee
1st Amy Radford
2nd Caitlin Chang

Thats all I can remember!


-10th December 2006, 11:08
U13 boys
1st Jamie Albert
2nd Patrick jennings
3rd Adam edwards
3rd Paul Letham-?

Great comp again. Many thanks to Nick and all his crew for working so hard to put this comp on at such short notice. All those metallic pistes were great!! I just wanted to see someone in a Santa Suit, I know Nick had one put nobody put it on!! The hats were great though :)

3 Card Trick
-10th December 2006, 17:58
Unfortunately he (I) sometimes known as Santa to the recent Junior Epee squad had to be at BUSA.

-21st December 2006, 12:51
Looking at the pre Christmas bank balance I find that I am in desperate need of a voucher injection with the Nationals around the corner. Is is down to the parent to contact Leon Paul for said vouchers (and t-shirts) now that the final placings are known?

Merry Christmas to everyone we've met on the LP circuit :)

From Tubby, Unicorn and Tubby Jnr MKII