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-15th September 2003, 09:50
I've read in Escrime that the FIE is promoting the use if transparent sabre masks by offering them at the world champs for 150 euros. But this only applies to the Gajardoni and PBT masks. Just wondered who/how/why those makes were selected, and why the LP ones aren't being promoted by the Fie too.

-16th September 2003, 11:10
I've never heard of a Gajardoni and didn't come up with anything on google... are you sure you spelled it correctly?

-16th September 2003, 11:15
Here's what I think is a trick that is sure to promote transparent mask's sales:
If possible, try to design it like a motorbike's visor, in a somewhat more "sexy" looking visor then the ugly current rectangular one. If they penalize non transparent masks, I'd still risk the points and use the old ones the way the transparent ones look now...

If you don't do it now LP, the Italians will surely soon enough!

-16th September 2003, 11:16
Duellist in the UK sells Gajardini?Gajardoni? masks - also can't find the name anywhere else..

-16th September 2003, 22:55
There are 2 different spellings in Escrime magazine: Gaiardoni and Gajardoni. I used the latter, as that is the one used in the company's advert.