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-16th September 2003, 18:00
hi all,
i want to buy a test box for my weapons but LP seem to have several models, including one for weapons and body wires. is there any point on spending money on a buzzer or should i buy the biggest?

-16th September 2003, 20:05
If you'll pardon the inuendo it's not the size it's what you do with it that matters.

The most important part of your test kit lies between your ears. You have to interpret the results so you need to have your brainb in gear. I don't actually use a test box I find my multimeter more effective, but I've spent years learning to interpret the results. I've seen a lot of people complaining that kit works on their test box but doesn't on the real thing. Basically they didn't understand the results they were getting.

If I were to use a test box I'd look carefully at what it provided, and the quality of the instructions. I'm not keen on using LED's as indicators because in certain light conditions it's very difficult to tell if the LED is on but dim (possibly caused by a high resistance or weak battery ) or off but reflecting ambient light. A buzzer might resolve that problem.

Any test system you choose will have to be able to test body wires as well as weapons and should idealy have a sharp cutoff to indicate a fault when the combined resistance of weapon and body wire reaches about 10 to 20 ohms. This is a reasonable limit for the average fencer ensuring that the kit works without having to spend too much time kit fixing. Yes I know the rules only allow a maximum of 3 ohms, 1 ohm per core for the body wire and 1 for the weapon but 20 is a possible compromise.

-17th September 2003, 00:46
I also test my weapons using a multimeter, which if used correctly can detect almost any faults

However, I still like the test boxes as they are rather handy.
They do give you a fairly good idea as to whether your weapon is working or not.

I keep a simple test box in my bag, but use multtimeter at home for testing bodywires etc.

-17th September 2003, 08:19
thanks guys,
electrickery its a funny old thing.