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-17th September 2003, 00:34
I first noticed the problem with our new 3-weapon club model which we are using at University. Initially I thought this was a one off, but I've since noticed the same problem on two other models (same version) but at different clubs. I'm therefore led to believe that there is a possible design fault.
The nature of the problem is as follows:

1. When the resistance between the foil lame and foil gaurd is low (but not abnormally so) e.g. sweaty fencer, then all hits register as off-target.

2. Hit's to the foil lame sometimes take longer to register and therefore flick hits do not work.

I find this very strange! The box was described as meeting most of the FIE specification, but clearly this is not the case.
The circuit design must be very weird, especially for fault 1 to occur.

Does LP acknowledge this problem??? and if so what can be done to rectify it?
Has anyone else had the same problem? or am I just extremly unlucky.

I've said some good things about LP club boxes, this problem does not change my opinion as hopefully it can be sorted out.

Barry Paul
-17th September 2003, 15:50
As far as I know nothing much has changed on these boxes for some time so if the problems exist they cannot be too serious,you are one of the first to see a problem.

I am not sure we claim them to be nearly F.I.E. on any of our latest information. When we first brough these boxes out the only ones you could buy were the expensive F.I.E. ones from Leon Paul or Uhlmann. Our club apparatus allowed any u.k. club to afford to fence electric. The first club apparatuses were very nearly F.I.E., as the regulations have changed if any thing the club apparatuses have become less regulation. This is one of the resons we hope to bring out a new microprocessor club apparatus in the new year.

I will get our works manager to look at the present apparatuses.

Away on a weeks holiday (first holiday of the year) Barry Paul M.D. Leon Paul

-17th September 2003, 17:27
Originally posted by Barry Paul
As far as I know nothing much has changed on these boxes for some time so if the problems exist they cannot be too serious, you are one of the first to see a problem.

O.K, perhaps the problem is more of a one off. Our university has two: three weapon boxes. The oldest one (probably about 3 years as you have to swap the wires over) is fine. The problem is specific to the new one which we bought only a few months ago. We've had the same problem with one at Bristol fencing club (also only a couple of months old). and, also at Swindon, although I'm not sure what model that one is.

It's definitely not a minor problem. It happens to most people. Also, the fault is not intermittent, it will always happens when the person is sweaty. It never happens on other LP boxes.

I know that it's definitely caused by the resistance between the foil guard and the lame jacket. The fault disappears when you completely let go of your foil. and it's worth noting that each person has been using an insulated handle when this happens. So, I'm guessing that the resistance is within the tolerance allowed.

Please pass on this information, which might help the person investigating the fault.

Also, our box came with a leaflet, which said that it meets most of the FIE specification. That's where I got it from.


Barry Paul
-17th September 2003, 18:42
The leaflet was probable made when we first made the apparatus. Will pass on your comments. (But I am off on a weeks holiday, first hoiday this year) Barry Paul

-18th September 2003, 19:39
My college (yes, I'm a yank) team had two of the club boxes. They would act funny on occasion, but a change of batteries was all that was required to fix the problem. You may want to try a new set of batteries or clean the battery contacts. It might help.

-19th September 2003, 00:08
As I said, the apparatus at Uni is brand new, hence new batteries. Same at Bristol, new batteries there too.
So it's nothing to do with that.

-28th September 2003, 20:15
I can confirm what sparkymark says about the problems with both the boxes at both Bristol and Swindon.

I was one of the fencers at Bristol when this problem started happening, and sparkymark demonstrated what the problem was with the box. It was so bad that you couldn't use the box. If you let go of your foil your opponent could hit you and get an on target light, if you gripped your foil handle and your opponent hit you they got an off target.

p.s. It took this thread for me to work out who sparkymark was - doh!


-3rd October 2003, 23:30
Just wondered if there is any news??