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-23rd April 2003, 10:43
Does any one have these results?
I need them to seed the Warwick LP this Sunday. They do nt apear to be on the Durham site (most of it seems to be about 12 months out of date) They do not seem to be on the LPJS site (dispite the fact that it says that results are posted within 2 weeks).

Help would be apreciated.

Barry Paul
-23rd April 2003, 11:45
Simmon Trinder, who runs the LPJS, has been waiting for the official results to be sent to him so he can get them on the website. All efforts are being made to get them in time for the weekend. LPJS asks if the results from each competition can be sent in a table form EXCEL Or Word as soon as possible after the event, then they can be posted within a week. Regards Barry

-23rd April 2003, 12:03
Ok. Thanks for that.
I take it then that Mike has not yet sent in the results of the Arnold (Despite daving posted them on his own site) as they do not seem to apear on the LPJS page either?

-23rd April 2003, 12:48
All of the results that LP have recieved are on the site.
If competition organisers would send them directly to sales@leonpaul.com in a table form (preferably excel) then I am told they will be posted on the LP site ASAP.

I will e mail 3 card trick to see if I can get him to send the results directly.

-23rd April 2003, 14:52
I just got the results and put them on:


-23rd April 2003, 17:19
So we're supposed to send them to sales@...etc rather than lpjs@.....etc despite the contact information on the LPJS bit, are we?:dizzy: