View Full Version : BUSA 2006 lost property

Odd Job
-12th December 2006, 08:12
Dear all,
Some one left a right hand Epee in the armoury for rewire, it's been done but not paid for (8.50). Unfortunately they didn't, as requested put their name and a contact number on the raffle ticket (Number 168) so I cannot contact them. Also no name or marking that I can see on the Epee
So if it's yours or know who's it is please contact me so that I can get it back to you and get money for the work done.

Odd Job

-12th December 2006, 10:50
I also handed in a two pin bodywire to the DT. If you were on the piste that had Danny Ryan's DEs (MS) on it and lost one, its probably yours.

-10th January 2007, 12:59
At the Scottish Conference a right handed sabre and a foil mask were left at Strathclyde uni. I have emailed all clubs in attendance but no one had claimed these items. Please contact Strathclyde if they belong to you.