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-22nd December 2006, 22:27
i have the busa teams dates for the championship, shield and trophy.

does anyone have the busa dates for the playoffs?

Secondly, does anyone have a copy of the DE order of teams, which indicates at which stages which Universities are at home/away (in both Championship&playoffs). I saw one last year, but can't find iton the BUSA site this year :(

much appreciated!

-31st December 2006, 16:09
From the "Seasons Information":

Event Date Venue
Fixtures commence Wednesday 19 October 2006 As per the BUSA Website
Fixtures finish Sunday 11 February 2007 N/A
Knock Outs - Last 16 Wednesday 21 February 2007 1st named team
Knock Outs Last 8 Wednesday 28 February 2007 1st named team
Trophy & Shield Semi Finals Wednesday 7 March 2007 1st named team
Championship Semi Finals Saturday 24 March 2007 EIS Sheffield
Championship, Trophy & Shield Finals Saturday 24 March 2007 EIS Sheffield

-2nd January 2007, 10:58
Thanks for the playoff dates.

I appreciate that the first named home team is at home, but these were listed somewhere last season eg winner of league X vs runner up of league Y. Anyone seen these recenty?

-2nd January 2007, 15:18
From memory the first round in the championship & trophy is a random draw (with the possible exception that you don't fence anyone who was in your league - I'm not sure about that). The second round is bracketed, then I think its a random draw for the semi's. Although since this is BUSA, the rules may have changed yet again - I once had to ring them up to find out when we were supposed to be having a play-off with the winners of North 1B, they then had to look on the website to figure out what I was talking about...