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Foilling Around
-6th January 2007, 13:25
With fingers crossed that FAJ will qualify for this event, I have been looking at flights for relatives to go out to watch. The timetable is now up on the FIE website.


I am finding however that to get to this holiday area of Turkey during the school holidays is not easy and quite expensive.

If there are any parents, relatives or coaches out there intending to combine a holiday with a visit to the fencing, I would start thinking about it soon.

-7th January 2007, 18:27
Small matter of waiting to see, rather gets in the way of such organised
thinking !
And cheap flights ain't refundable etc..
Air miles is a thought, but I think same applies.
A crystal ball now....

-7th January 2007, 18:34

-7th January 2007, 18:55
Can't find them! Put the link up

-8th January 2007, 09:42
This is me here, you know, Mr. Computer Duh , but tell me how ! Pliz.
It's on FIE site, under " World Champ's Belek", "Behaviours.." Which turns out to be "Logos" of the teams.

I fear a lot of 'em make the old rw&b look a little, well... jaded ?

-14th January 2007, 16:12


-15th January 2007, 14:42
I agree our strip is abit tedious...I think we should use the team gb logo (or similar if that's not allowed)

Glue Boy
-15th January 2007, 15:07
thats really cool, better than our stripe at the moment for sure!

-19th January 2007, 09:06
I tink Congo still win - I think they should keep a close eye on their kit !

-19th January 2007, 16:53
Yes i find it hard to tell who a fencer fences from there strip. But I can definitely tell Congo’s strip although I don't that many.

Mc Flurry
-10th February 2007, 17:08
yeah i agree, the current strip looks really smart, but it doesnt exactly suggest that we put a whole lot of creativity into it!! i guess it just looks a bit reserved if that makes sense?! we need to look intimidating!! matcing team tracksuits would also be cool, but thats a whole different issue lol! would add a bit of unity to certain teams anyway. blue peter style design competition im thinking!!

-11th February 2007, 09:52
..... matcing team tracksuits would also be cool, but thats a whole different issue lol! would add a bit of unity to certain teams anyway. blue peter style design competition im thinking!!

We DO have a GBR tracksuit, as do each of the home nations and TA's to my certain knowledge. I am organising kit for the coming Euro cadets, and the Cadet and Junior Worlds, all of which people pay for but NOT the GBR tracksuit. I strongly agree that everyone wearing the same kit gives identity and unity.

I'm just finalising the world's kit, so next season's kit would be what the "Blue Peter" comp would be aiming for. Or even the nest BFA nationals t shirts. This has been tried before with nil result, but I'm game to try it again.

So.....designs for t shirts, logo, stripe (GBR), tracksuit, whatever, for BFA consideration by the end of March, please.

Foilling Around
-21st February 2007, 18:41
As a matter of interest/concern the website said that the temperature in Belek today was 35 celcius - and we are still 7 weeks from the event.

I sincerely hope that the venue is air conditioned!!

-24th February 2007, 21:23
Look, don't let's muck about, Congo's got the right idea, and it's fantastic - so get radical ! I mean, that design is incredible.

Or, to be slightly more detailed, dump the "taste" and true Brit bit, and go out of the box. Forget diddling about to come up with something that resembles Thatcher's BA tail-plane adventure.

I'm not suggesting we stick a half stuffed shark on the breeches, but I bet we could get some great takes on r, w & blue from St Martins, or almost any young designers from arts colleges - and not necessarily costing a fortune, either, especially if you could could offer them a bit of publicity.

( And while we're at it, that "national" anthem - lots of talented young composers out there !!
As usual, the rugby today was embarrassing - not totally because of the result, but the dirge our guys - with a few honourable exceptions - had to cope with. [Sits back and waits for assassins/messages wrapped in bricks/ visits from the BNP/complaints from David Starkey & Kliff Rikard........ ] )

Danger Mouse
-5th March 2007, 10:45
So we are sending a cadet womens foil team. ( posted on the BF website )

But are we sending any other teams and who are they??????

-6th March 2007, 22:00
All up on the BFA home page now :grin:

tiger Swords
-11th March 2007, 13:01
Has anyone actually got as far as booking any independent travel for family / supporters to this event yet.....? If so I'd be interested to know what arrangements you've made! Mum & baby sister want to go & watch shorty on this one......