View Full Version : Cornwall LPJS is back

-16th January 2007, 16:25
The Cornwall Leon Paul Junior Series Foil will once again take place in Bude this Summer.

With loads of prizes, chocolate for everyone, and a great atmosphere, this tournament is perfect for foilists in all age categories from U9 up to U15.

This year the competition takes place on July 14th, and there will also be a cadet epee and cadet sabre event the following day.

Full details, travel and accpmmodation info and entry forms at www.jonsalfield.co.uk/series

Why not make a weekend of it and go surfing in Bude..? Plus guaranteed (almost) sunshine, pasties, clotted cream and piskies!

Touché Turtle
-17th January 2007, 12:16
Well we are going to do our best to get there. Touché Mini, a very casual fencer, even wants to make it her first competition to fence in! (Not sure if it has anything to do with the chocolate!!) We had a lovely week's holiday last year, the kids absolutely loved Cornwall - especially the surfing!
Just have to see if we can get organised for the Saturday as school doesn't break up until the day before...
(Also means I'll have to miss the Norfolk Open...)

-19th January 2007, 17:11
I might come. my team mate raelle francis got bronze and a box of choclate's and she never gave me any.:mad:

wear wanderers
-16th February 2007, 10:25
Sorry you had to move the date forward by a week - our kids don't finish term 'till the following week. It's a long way to come down if we can't make a long weekend out of it. Shame - we enjoyed this competition the last two years. Good luck.