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-11th February 2007, 21:17
Has anyone heard anything about some kind of Paris Student Fencing Thing in early March? Team MS and Indiv WS apparently (at least). This is all i know. If anyone has any other info, please share it! I'm in Edinburgh for the CdN that weekend anyway (in fact i believe the competition runs from the preceeding Wednesday through to the Sunday). if it wasnt for that , i could never say 'no' to a cheap weekend in Paris...

-11th February 2007, 21:28
ULU are sending a team, and have for several years.

Great comp, great social also :)

Details below:

"Ecole Polytechnique is proud to organize, for the 15th consecutive year, its International Fencing Challenge. This year’s event will be held at Ecole Polytechnique’s sports complex, on March 8th and 9th. Located in Palaiseau, half an hour from Paris by suburban train, Ecole Polytechnique is France’s leading university in the fields of science and engineering.

Our high level fencing Challenge gathers every year about 200 fencers from all around the world. Last year, we hosted fencers from Moscow, New York, Madrid, Prague, London and Bonn among others. This year, we would be pleased to add your fencing club to our list of participants.

Fencing competitions will be held for the 3 weapons. They will consist of team events for men (teams of three) and individual events for women. Competitions will be followed by various activities such as barbecues and parties, all held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Participating in the Challenge is very affordable, as it costs just 20 euros per person (food, competition fees and night activities included). Accommodation will be in 3-stars Accor hotels and it will cost 29 euros per person per night. A shuttle will be at your service to escort you between the hotels and the sports complex. Moreover, participating is free for team trainers and managers (accommodation included).

Registration can be made through our website (www.x-challenge.fr/ (http://www.x-challenge.fr/))."

You've until the 15th to register :) The more the merrier - see you there :thumbs_up

-11th February 2007, 21:51
Brill thanx!

Can you explain something: When it says

Thursday March 8th 2007
Pools and first round
* 8h15: Registration of the teams
* 8h30: Beginning of the competition
* Morning: Pools
* Afternoon: First round
Friday March 9th 2007
* Morning: Rounds
* 14h30: Finals in the Great Hall of Polytechnique

Does that mean the Individual women's and team men's comps will be held simultaneously? I might go as an official (ie for free whoop whoop!!) if i know when i'll be back? Is it like all poules and 1 DE on thurs and remaining DEs on Friday?

-11th February 2007, 22:35
As I remember last year that was how it ran, and mens and womens start at the same time on the first day, with most of the DE on the second day and then a big party afterwards! There needs to be more British teams there this year though, last year there was only St Andrews, Oxford and ULU!

-11th February 2007, 22:37
Anyone from Cardiff going this year?

-11th February 2007, 22:44
Well I would love to go with a team, and have bugged el presidente about it but he doesn't seem very responsive, I'll have to persuade ULU to take me along with them...

-11th February 2007, 22:53
Well, we've already sent our entries in, so, whilst I'm sure you could tag along with us, you'd still need to get some other people together for a team...

-11th February 2007, 22:56
Sorry, the name confuses a lot of people, but I'm a girl!

-11th February 2007, 22:57
We did discuss it (though we didn't really reach any sort of conclusion TBH) - the cost of getting and staying there was one significant factor (I'm skint!).

-11th February 2007, 22:58
The Leicester Uni ppl have a £100 for the whole deal thing going on - inc transport to france, accomodation and entry fee. You might liase with them

-11th February 2007, 23:24
The Leicester Uni ppl have a £100 for the whole deal thing going on - inc transport to france, accomodation and entry fee. You might liase with them

Well, well out of my price range ATM sadly (OK I'll stop chatting on the forum now!).

-12th February 2007, 00:31
Sorry, the name confuses a lot of people, but I'm a girl!

Well, in that case feel free to enter yourself and give me a PM if you want a group to go with.

-13th February 2007, 22:01
Ive somewhat blindly entered myself to this as a trip to Paris to fence sounds good.

What kinda standard is the competition?

-16th February 2007, 09:22
don't know the standard but UCL is entering sabre and epee teams this year. From what I've heard its good fun

-16th February 2007, 15:49
Sorry, the name confuses a lot of people, but I'm a girl!Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-11th March 2007, 23:05
So how did it go for everyone??

-15th March 2007, 11:45
it didn't go too badly, although i think most of us who went would agree that the social side was brilliant-they had a budget of 70 000 euros to hold this comp, absolutly ridiculous.
anyway, the ULU sabre came 9th and the UCL sabre came 4th, out of 9.
the UCL epee came last as well i think, knocked out by the UCL epee, who them went out in the next match. Not sure about the foil, although I think the ULU foilists went out in their first D.E. match.
The female fencers from both unis did okay, with one 4th place in the womens epee, apart from that nothing special.
And one of the southampton fencers managed 2nd in the womens epee.
all in all, a great fun comp with some decent fencing

-15th March 2007, 12:25
I completely agree, the social side of the event was amazin and i'm not suprised given their budget. It was a shame about some of the presiding, but all in all a great competition and theres was hours of amusement from watching organisers run around like headless chickens! Southampton came 8th in the Sabre and it was actually in womens sabre that Eleanor Hayward came 3rd.

Gangsta G
-15th March 2007, 14:24
Congratulations to chnortles who came 2nd in the women's epee - winning a £110 epee amongst other things!

-15th March 2007, 16:33
So how did it go for everyone??

I am currently denying everything :thumbs_up

Great trip. Fantastic social scene, must kick more ass next year ;)