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-29th September 2003, 13:00
Just noticed that the Eastern Region qualifiers for the BYN's are on the same weekend as the LPJS Cambridge. As Eastern Region is sort of close to Cambridge (or vice versa) this seems a little unfortunate!!

-29th September 2003, 13:32
Yes, I noticed this too and mentioned it to the organiser of the LPJS but he had no choice apparently.

Anyway, the Regional foil is on Saturday and the LPJS on Sunday so it is do-able............if a little tiring........and if you're insane enough.

Admittedly it doesn't suggest great planning does it.

-29th September 2003, 14:33
Just very knackered fencers!!!

Andy W.
-29th September 2003, 21:43
Yes it also clashes with a Surrey County event, November is very busy with a comp. or a regional qualifier every weekend. Its a shame it can't be spread out through the year a bit more!

We entered the Cambridge LPJS before Surrey published their dates, so we will probably stay here for the county event and Cambridge will gain our entry fee.

-30th September 2003, 00:18
We are limited by hall and organiser availability, plus we have to fit the senior events in the rest of the year when there aren't that many big Opens. No matter what we do with our events, they will always clash with something.

Roger Barnes SCFU

-30th September 2003, 08:08
Andy W.

I think you should, at least, get your entry fee back!

If you PM me your details I know the organisers and can let them know on your behalf.

-30th September 2003, 08:20
Ah same old excuses- whoops sorry - reasons!!

-30th September 2003, 12:46
Thanks for that, it really helps - how many competitions do you run ?

-30th September 2003, 13:14
Delighted to be of assistance!!

I do not add competiotion organiser to the many other things i do BUT last time I organised a comp I was told by many of the fencers, on the day and by letter/email afterwards, that is was the best organised comp they had fenced in. had an international or two there as well. Quality not quantity? - - - Anyway, my initial point related to the Eatern Region BYN quals v Leon Paul Cambridge JS so let's not get off the original point.
However, at a major youth comp last year the very great lack of refs was put down to clashes of dates. Said it before and i will keep on saying it the youngsters are the future of fencing at all levels and need as much help as they can get.