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-23rd April 2003, 19:13
What makes a sabre blade an S2000 sabre blade - and why is that good (or bad)?

The reason I ask is because a fellow dad (Dad1) recently bought an AllStar gold sabre blade which claimed to be S2000 - but another dad (Dad2) thought it was too "jelly like" to really be an S2000. Dad2 seemed to think that S2000 blades should be stiffer than this one appeared to be. Is stiffness a general characteristic or an actual requirement for S2000 blades?

Just asking out of interest because neither myself nor any of my children actually do sabre.

-24th April 2003, 01:21
s2000 blades have a minium stifness requirment. However yes the allstar gold are a bit jelly like but are fine and are IMHO nicley blanaced blades. :pirate:

-24th April 2003, 15:15
Well, ALL sabre blades have a minimum stiffness requirement. That requirement was changed starting in 2000. S2000 merely says that the blade passes the new (or at this point, newish) standard rather than the former standard (which allowed for more flexibility). The interesting thing to note was that in testing in 2000 a higher percentage of 1999 blades passed the S2000 requirements than blades marked S2000 (at world cup testing). Possibly explained by people not bothering to present 1999 blades that they didn't already feel were on the stiff end.

It's rare that people will actually have the set up to test flexibility of blades (the proper stand, weights, measuring devices, and knowhow to use the above correctly). For most purposes, if it's stamped S2000 you're fine. Fencing nationally (US) and internationally (World Cups in US and England) I've never had the blade actually tested. Checking the stamp, yes, actually tested, no.

-B :)