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-29th September 2003, 17:01
Would just like to point out that I kicked a$$ in the mens epee. Such simple pleasures...

-29th September 2003, 17:25
Did you win then? Aren't you supposed to be a fat, old coach (I'm only quoting Rory). How did others do?

-29th September 2003, 17:50
Oh yeah. Slightly misleading subject. Results that I can provide are extremely patchy due to me having the attention span of a goldfish. Hopefully some of the others can help me out.
1. C Chin (EFC)
2. S Brodie (EFC)
3. R Gibson (U/A)
3. Somebody else fencing U/A which surprised me

1. A Bentley (EFC, finally)
2. ? Wilson (sorry can't remember firstname or club. Young and quite good, if that helps. Fencer not club.
3. L McKenzie (EFC)
3. J Blair (EFC)

1. R Anderson (Not sure, sorry)
2. H Moncrieff (Dollar, I think)
3. C Hyde (EFC, I think)
3. Sorry not sure

1. C Austin (Aberdeen Uni)
2. J Matthew (Milnes or EFC, not sure which)
3. H Stillie (EFC or elsewhere, sorry)
3. Somebody else - N Farmer?

1. Me (EFC)
2. I Third (RCP)
3. G McMenemy (RCP)
3. A Kennedy (Edinburgh Uni)

Sorry no idea at all

So there you have it. Haggis fails Introductory Sports Journalism. WS final was very good (a phrase that isn't easy for me to say) as was MF.


Your intreprid reporter (no doubt fuller and more accurate results will appear on BF website eventually)

-29th September 2003, 18:06
was a good comp
(how would i know, it was only my second so i've got little to compare it too)
i had mucho fun
came pretty far down
but felt it was good for my second comp
fenced the funniest kid in my first de though
he made me laugh so much
he got pissed off at me
he got pissed off at the president
he got pissed off at the box
it was enjoyable to beat such a twat
although behaviour like that does really piss me off

oh and if anyone can remember fencing me
(James Robertson)
could you please tell me what you thought of my fencing
and give a few tips


Boo Boo
-29th September 2003, 18:31
Well done Haggis :)

Well done James too - sounds as though you are getting hooked... ;)

(getting her pom poms ready for February...)

Boo Boo
-29th September 2003, 18:47
Forgot to say (sorry, food on my mind!) congratulations to Rory and Gav too :)


-29th September 2003, 18:58
Well I DID wonder when Mr Haggis would announce his 'Heeland' win. Well done Haggis.

Have to say that the Marmalade that I got handed (despite my best attempt at sneaking away) should be very nice on toast.

Haggis: If you don't want that Epee you were handed, then I shall be happy to swap.

James, who was the ...erm... t*** [lets be watching our p's and q's folks this is a family board] that threw the tantrum. I overheard the story but would like to hear it from the horses mouth.

The missing results appear to be WE. Of which:

1. a young blaonde girl.
2. C Day (RCP)
=3. Maggie Tait (Orkney?)
=3. somebody else - a german I think.

I enjoyed the tournament - no hitches this year. I wasn't kidding when I suggestd that the venue is one of the best on the circuit either.

-29th September 2003, 19:02
C. Day from RCP qualified for the 'Master of Arms' trophy with the 2nd place at WE and the 5th at WF but the organisers refused to hand it over saying that they wanted 2 medal finishes to award it.

And she tells me that she actually wants to fence for North Section...

-29th September 2003, 19:46
getting hooked?
i was getting hooked to fencing even before entering a competition
now after two i am firmly hooked
to the extent of already having almost all my own kit
(mainly cos' my clubs stuff is getting very much worse for wear)


-30th September 2003, 08:36
MF: other 3rd was Andrew Austin (U/A)

LF: Charlotte Wilson I think

MS: Rob's EFC, Chris is Culloden these Days. Mo Mansoori got the other 3rd.
I got a L8 in sabre too (Rob, I'll get you next time...)

WS: The other 3rd was Naomi - she's EFC now too I think.

-30th September 2003, 09:35

Haggis, Haggis !!



-30th September 2003, 11:12
For those who are interested, the full results for the Highland Open are now on the scottishfencer.net website at:


-30th September 2003, 12:18
That's it I'm giving up Foil - bottom three again.

the orange socks of doom didn't work.

Oh well, at least I fought well against Bill Elliott in the sabre DE- 15 -6 loss but six good hits.

Next year "Bucket wins Highland open Sabre" will be the headline.

-30th September 2003, 12:51
Ahh so you're Bucket!

-30th September 2003, 17:09
Bill Elliot = Bob Elliot? Right?

-1st October 2003, 13:50

he hit me on head 15 times all I remember is last name.