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-29th September 2003, 20:19
Need opinions on wheelie bags if anyone can help. LP, Duellist or Allstar? Or someone else? Cheers!

-30th September 2003, 08:09
What help?
I think are bags LP have the stongest base and the toughest wheels but I think ours are more expensive. See:
for all the details on LP bags
(Ps I am Ben Paul so I might be a bit bias ;) )

-30th September 2003, 08:10
In my opinion (slightly biased) Uhlmann.

The wheels/frame seem to be much sturdier than the LP ones AND you can order them in any colour under the sun AND you can get a separate little bag that zips on top - very useful for towel/clean clothes etc.


-30th September 2003, 08:26
Depends how much kit you've got. The LP bags are smaller, but have a more bashable wheel base. Then again if I recollect correctly they use a wood stiffener that runs the length of the bag, and that can snap - the Allstar/Uhlmann/PBT models use metal.

I've got a PBT. It's OK.

-30th September 2003, 16:11
Cheers guys. Might look at the Allstar ones at Leicester, compare to LP.

-5th October 2003, 21:12
if you want to get a LP one then I would advise you to definately get one with the wheels on the outside, not the one with the inside plastic wheels. Only that my friend had one and one of the plastic wheels got stuck in one positon without him noticing, and in no time the wheel had melted to the base!!

Also, so not get an Alstar/Uhlmann one if you are planning to go in a Renault Clio - mine got fixed in. When we got home we had to empty it then lever it out. Having said that its a great bag.

Although Alstar may be bigger the whole bag is more solid, more like a box, and so more bulky objects do not fit in so well.


-6th October 2003, 09:09
The allstar ones seem more affordable to me. Especially the new junior jumbo wheeler - for 100 EUR. All of my equipment is from Allstar, mybe I'm not objective.



-6th October 2003, 09:49
i've just ordered the allstar duo bag, it looks nice

-6th October 2003, 13:33
If you're travelling any distance, the Allstar jumbo bag has a fabby extra bit that zips on top for clithes etc. Also comes with a shoe bag. I think the new duellist ones look nice - huge pockets (and lots of em) but I don't know how durable it is. I think LP need to look at a bigger bag for anyone who travels far, or add a zippy bit on top like Allstar have.

-6th October 2003, 13:35
for clithes you should read clothes! (thought I'd better clarify that for our none native speakers...was imagining them spending hours trying to find 'clithes' in the English dictionaries....)

Boo Boo
-6th October 2003, 13:44
Tim makes a VERY good point....

My husband are so said that we take our fencing bags with us when we go car shopping - since wheelie bags HAVE to fit in the boot.

The last time we went car shopping, my Paul's bag did fit in the boot, my husband's Allstar bag didn't. The car dealer looked horrified when the bag wouldn't fit, but my husband liked the car so much that he decided to get rid of the Allstar bag...


-6th October 2003, 16:14
Hmmm, that could be a problem given I drive a fiesta, but my non wheelie LP bag doesnt fit either so I prob wont lose anything!

-6th October 2003, 22:02
er, the car was a Citroen Saxo, not a Clio, but we DID have a fine old time getting it out of the car - funny how you can get them IN but not Out.....brute force and loads of ignorance, with a dash of we-gotta-get-outta- this-place added in for flavour.

Must say the Paul wheelie has started falling to bits big time recently, and went at the edges early. Good base, sure, but the edges went thru the canvas......need to do a good look at the bags on offer. Pity they are soooo expensive, wherever you go. Just need a cricket bag about 6 inches longer and we're there - and a good few quid in pocket......

But give me the wheelie version any day...;) ;)

-6th October 2003, 22:14
Thats eanother good idea, come to think of it - Gunn and Moore do some very reasonablely sized cricket bags for about half the price of the fencing ones, on wheels as well. They may be even heaper at the end of the season.
(Now why didn't I think of that!)

The attached picture is on sale for 42 if anyones interested.
Sorry about the car PM1 - I knew it was Frenh if I get points for that

-6th October 2003, 23:13
i have found my duellist bag has fallen to bits really quite quickly, bout a year! so even though it does look very cool i will not be getting another for a while, ie til they sort this out!!!

-6th October 2003, 23:51
some one this evening told me of a frenchmna who stuck a stake borad under his wheelie bag tp strengthen it etc.

-7th October 2003, 19:00
Hmmmm - a stake board - very "rare" or "a point" (french accent). The base of the Paul bag is fine for strength, but the fabric isn't , at least at the corners. Oh Barry, what's to do ??

-7th October 2003, 20:53
Also I would like to point out that the cricket bags are much better for power slides for all those like me with a mental age of under 3.
The Alstar bags also have a wooden bottom but thy also have wooden sides as well which makes them bulky and hard to fit in cars...
But more stable in wheeliebag wars

-7th October 2003, 21:10
Wheelie bag wars - aaaaah - could this explain the reason for the damage ??????will have to get Tricky to fess up........damn, he's gone to bed......hard day on the rugby field - Yorkshire <16 trials this arbo.....he swears he's carrying no injury, and he better be right............:mad: :mad:

-7th October 2003, 21:14
So LP's next bag needs reinforcement for fighting with?!

Being a bossy mother PM1? :tongue:

-7th October 2003, 21:16
Too right, mate !!!:grin: :grin:

-20th October 2003, 11:30
I've just bought an Uhlmann 'jumbo' wheelie bag at the Leicester Open. Big enough to fit the whole house and the kids in! Don't know if it fits in the boot yet. I had to put it on the back seat as my old bag full of sweaty kit was already in the boot. More likely that the car fits in the bag, and I can wheel them both to work.


-20th October 2003, 11:32
Yeah, it looked good, I bought the Addidas one at Leicester. Very snazzy. No more spending money at opens for a while now (bag, wire and socks came to the best part of 200..ouch)

Oh, and it doesnt fit in the boot, doh!

Boo Boo
-20th October 2003, 11:43
What did I say about bags not fitting in car boots...?

You boys are all the same - see something you like and don't think of the practicalities... ;)

Oh well Jambo, just do what srb is going to - if your bag doesn't fit into the car, fit the car into the bag... :)

(just jealous because she really likes the Uhlmann bags, but it wont fit into the boot and can't justify having a bag that doesn't fit in the boot...)

-20th October 2003, 11:47
I just fit any passengers around my bag!!

-20th October 2003, 12:01
I used to have little Peugot, I bought an LP wheelie cos it just fits in the boot. But now I have a VW polo and it doesn't fit in the boot anyway. Why can't they make them a bit smaller, do they really need to be so long?. It is probably a case of bigger the better, but like Boo Boo says, fitting it in the car boot has to be the highest priority.

-20th October 2003, 12:04
WHAT, you mean to say people were buying Ulhman Allstar kit at the Leicester Open!! What happened to the LP stand.

Sorry, just that I have a bad sense of humour. Please ignore me.

Boo Boo
-20th October 2003, 12:16
There was no LP stand at Leicester - Allstar/Uhlmann UK were sponsoring the event (so boxes, pistes, prizes etc.etc.). Don't know whether this is going to become a regular thing (I remember that LP had a stand at Leicester last year...)

Allstar/Uhlmann UK sponsor a few competitions:

(appreciating Saprkmark's sense of humour - since she saw him there! - but explaining anyway... :D )

-20th October 2003, 12:24
Originally posted by Boo Boo

You boys are all the same - see something you like and don't think of the practicalities... ;)

It's a consistency thing - If us boys only got involved with things we like the look of AND were practical at the same time, you girls would have a VERY quiet life!!!


-20th October 2003, 12:25
I've got an Uhlmann and had it for about 8 years with no problems. My sons both have Duellist bags. I am a great Duellist fan but I do not think the bag is as good as it should be. Bag has worn where the wheels rub on the fabric, straps have come away (poor stitching) and the zips do not seem very robust. May have been "unlucky" on these two and do mean to mention it to Ian and John -

-20th October 2003, 13:22
er.... mine did the same!!!! and the wheels bent in to the side of the bag as well.

-22nd October 2003, 01:19
ive just bought the hard plastic lockable wheelie bag ( they make 2 sizes ) from merlin and its fantastic!!! the only problem is i DON'T drive and you get funny looks getting on the bus!:o

-22nd October 2003, 08:10
Symon - how about a bike and a tow bar???

-22nd October 2003, 09:53
tried to take the club's (uhlmann) wheelie bag on the train back home to get the kit washed .

(mum didn't notice that the washing pile was inordinately huge)

Problem- bag doesn't fit through door of train unless squashed. ddn't fit on luggage rack either. Sat on it from here to home in the guard's van (4 hours, 200 miles)

Find a golf bag large enough for swords and normal bag for kit- mask sort of hangs off grips with string.

-22nd October 2003, 14:51
Do you have very small trains in Dundee or normal trains with small doors OR do you have an extra jumbo size wheelie??

-23rd October 2003, 01:03
i got an allstar duo sent to me from germany, it arrived a few days ago....

its the best ever... i love it :grin:

-23rd October 2003, 08:24
ive just bought the hard plastic lockable wheelie bag ( they make 2 sizes ) from merlin and its fantastic!!!

These are actually made as golf flight bags. But do a good job. One of our fencers has one and flies all over the world to the veteran's comps with it.

I've just bought a Duellist bag...big and sexy, but we'll see how it wears. Doesn't matter that much as I didn't pay for it :grin:

-23rd October 2003, 10:43

Old clapped out trains that should have been retired with the steam engines that pulled them are used for the Dundee- Home route.

They have exceeding narrow doors- about two inches narrower than the bag lengthways, and while old dears are getting on at same time, not very pratical for luggage.

Thank you tayside Police for taking my driving license.


-23rd October 2003, 14:02
Originally posted by Winwaloe
Symon - how about a bike and a tow bar???

hey i may be nuts but i ain't gone quite past the point of insanity!!:eek: i live on a busy "A" road and its about 8 miles to the club

-24th October 2003, 08:56
Symon - well how about a bike, towbar, crach helmet and a sexy new umpeen thousand Newton Kevlar reinforced fencing jacket?

-26th October 2003, 20:50
thanks anyway but i think im gonna stick to the buses ;) i havn't quite lost the will to live and I WOULD like to be in a fit state to fence when i get there:tongue: so thanks all the same anyway Win!! :fencingsm