View Full Version : two Stm elite full maraging foil blades new

-27th February 2007, 11:56
Hi, i have two STM elite white maraging blades brand new, with allstar german tips and barrels. these will set you back 68 through duellist (before postage). I'm taking them to the Nottingham open this saturday and will be selling them for 55 each, if anyone is interested.


-28th February 2007, 12:18
Hi, I'm interested in one of the blades.

Can i have a look on saturday?

Martin Peden

-28th February 2007, 15:37
Sure no problem same goes for anyone, first come first served though, so to speak. I'm the rugged looking bald geeza. Ha ha.....seriously though the organisers know me, so just ask. i've set the tanges downward, though they are not set for left or right, guess the armourer can sort that out.