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-27th February 2007, 12:15
The Universities of Wales Championships were held last weekend in Bangor. Thanks to all those who made the trip - hope you enjoyed the weekend. Hope to see you in Swansea next year.

The results for the overall shield were as follows

1st Swansea
2nd Bangor
3rd Aberystwyth
4th Lampeter

Congratulations to Swansea on winning the trophy (just a shame Cardiff didn't manage to send us the trophy to present to you!)

Top 8 in each weapon below

Mens epee (23)

1. JONES Thomas Lampeter
2. MORRIS Stephan Aberystwyth
3. REID Christopher Bangor

4. PRITCHETT Dave Aberystwyth
5. WESTWOOD Will Swansea
6. MYNOTT Luke Bangor
7. BARSTOW Chris Bangor
8. SALVIANI Adam Swansea

Mens Foil (31)

1. REID Christopher Bangor
2. BARKER Oliver Aberystwyth
3. DEANE Rob Swansea

4. BELL Tom Bangor
5. PRITCHETT Dave Aberystwyth
6. NUNS Matt Aberystwyth
7. PRITCHARD Andy Swansea
8. STANLEY John Bangor

Top Novice
O’NEIL Sean (9th) Bangor

Mens Sabre (10)

1. PRITCHARD Andy Swansea
2. HODGSON Simon Bangor
3. JAMES Mike Bangor

4. TUGGEY James Aberystwyth
5. BELL Tom Bangor
6. PETERS Philip Bangor
7. DEANE Rob Swansea
8. DOBBS Rhys Aberystwyth

Womens Epee (10)

1. ROWLES Rachel Swansea
2. MORRIS Rhiannon Swansea
3. JOHNSON Lydia Swansea

4. SANGER Kevanne Bangor
5. O’CONNELL Rebecca Aberystwyth
6. BUCKLER Charlotte Swansea
7. KING Hazel Aberystwyth
8. ORME Lisa Aberystwyth

Womens Foil (13)

1. JOHNSON Lydia Swansea
2. ROWLES Rachel Swansea
3. BANNERMAN Alexis Bangor

4. KING Hazel Aberystwyth
5. MORRIS Rhiannon Swansea
6. BUCKLER Charlotte Swansea
7. SANGER Kevanne Bangor
8. O’CONNELL Rebecca Aberystwyth

Top Novice
BANNERMAN Alexis Bangor

Womens Sabre (9)

1. JOHNSON Lydia Swansea
2. KING Hazel Aberystwyth
3. MORRIS Rhiannon Swansea

4. O’CONNELL Rebecca Aberystwyth
5. REEVES Jen Swansea
6. SANGER Kevanne Bangor
7. ORME Lisa Aberystwyth
8. ALISON Claire Aberystwyth