View Full Version : I need a date...I think!

-29th September 2003, 23:51
Okay, so here's my situation, I'm a 23 year old guy who moved from England to the USA two and a half years ago. I've managed to fill my week with a bunch of stuff that I enjoy but find myself many days wanting some excitement, something to motivate me.

My friends are great but most are either old/at the point where there happy sitting around, or young/still playing too many video games. The girls are much the same, young 'mall-rats', living overly full lives, or they're lacking desire for some excitement, or the ability to provide it.

Maybe I need to just cheer up, but gentlemen, have you any suggestions, any answers? Anyone bored out there?

More curiously, are there any women out there who aren't flimsy girls, or obnoxious monsters?

:transport :endworld:

-30th September 2003, 21:16
Without seeming like a flimsy obnoxious monster, may I suggest personals websites. Like personals.theonion.com or the emode one (don't know the address) the Guardian does personals, as do most local newspapers.

-30th September 2003, 21:28
Thanks for the suggestion, but personals websites, companies, whatever, don't seem to exciting to me!

I wasn't so much advertising for a date, as wondering if there are others out there who get bored with the usual routine, and any ways in which they alleviate the repetition.

Making some new friendships, or pursuing some exciting mini-adventures with someone occurred to me as a good option, were it not for the lack of exciting women around...

Present company excepted.


-1st October 2003, 08:51
so youre in search for good, fun, friendly, full of life people ....?

you dont think you would have been better off in blighty?

-3rd October 2003, 13:48
Well I think its relatively safe to say in fencing circles the fairer sex are rather stronger willed than in everyday life.

They sure as hell are up here in Durham anyway.


-3rd October 2003, 15:33
if you can;t beat them, join 'em

join a frat house, get drunk at night, work out during the day, and pull vacuous college birds

-4th October 2003, 14:58
join a frat house

There are frat houses this side of the Atlantic? Huh? Since when?

-7th October 2003, 23:16
Never heard of the Masons?

-9th October 2003, 10:34
I split my head open on the side of a Masonic Hall when I was about 7. Ouch. :upset:

-10th October 2003, 04:16
I know about Freeman's Halls, but thats it. If you're after sympathy then Awwwwww <rubs Aoife's head better>