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-7th March 2007, 10:53
Ok the forum is due to be upgrade to version 4.6 which should give us more good features. But it will mean at some point the site will go back to default setting so you may/will have to resave some of you preferences. The colours will also go blue but will go back to being orange!

Please note that the site may go up and down for a while over the next week as well as we are upgrading to a new server which will allow us to add new services.
Sorry for any inconvenience but the log term improvement will be worth it.


-7th March 2007, 13:48
Thank you for letting us know kingkenny and I hope the upgrade works well once it's sorted :)

-7th March 2007, 13:51
But, KK, the forum looked better when it was blue. Can't you keep it that way? There's -ve rep in it for you if you do.....:grin:

-7th March 2007, 15:54
nope, it stays orange!

-7th March 2007, 15:57


-7th March 2007, 16:59
I used to prefer the blue, but I'm used to the orange now, I like it :) Much better than the colours of fencing.net :tongue:

-8th March 2007, 07:07
nope, it stays orange!


-8th March 2007, 16:56
Why is everyone so obsessed with orange? Personally I find it a little revolting...

It certainly clashes with my nice blue theme when I run kubuntu.

How about giving us some options?

-9th March 2007, 14:43
No no no no no!
This is not a democracy! :grin:
Unfortunatly I spent ages geting all the new grapics in orange so there is not much chance of me changing it now sorry.

-9th March 2007, 14:49
Fine, then. +ve rep for you....:mad: :upset:

-9th March 2007, 15:05
OK so when is this upgrade scheduled for?

-9th March 2007, 15:15
I LIKE orange. It's cheerful.

-9th March 2007, 15:40
The site has to be moved on to a new server with more recent versions of PHP and My sql. This will probably happen on Monday.

The forum will close to new posts and then the "new" one will appear as the DNS servers update.

You will not as usere see anything other than it being closed to new posts for 24 hours.

Then it will update to the new version which may add some features but will probably stuff things up initially.

Finally you will get a whole new "community" site with the forum integrated.

I am hoping for but not promising:

A new competition interface integrated with Google maps. Search by weapon, date sex location etc.. This hopefully will be integated with a callendar and a payment system. The events should list which forum members have paid for each event.

better callendar

some official polls

user postable links section

user postable clubs section maybe linked to google maps and hopefully searchable by postcode etc...

Decent FAQ

rules section

armory section lifted from the main LP site but improved.

other stuff if it all goes to plan!

Stephen Chivers
-9th March 2007, 15:54
...date sex location etc..Looking forward to that!

-9th March 2007, 16:33
Will we get told when the upgrade is complete?

-9th March 2007, 20:31
"The log term improvement will be worth it."

I'm a bit worried about this - I've only just got used to electric !
And, while I believe in being environmentally friendly, I do draw the line at a wood-burning PC .
It'll mess up 'er indoors new paint job (the room, not the facial features).

-9th March 2007, 22:31
the orange works quite well with the 'pimpzilla' skin on firefox - sort of a crossover 70's/bling thing!!!


gratuitous 100th post - yey!:whistle:

-9th March 2007, 22:53
gratuitous 100th post - yey!:whistle:

Congrats on your century! :thumbs_up

-10th March 2007, 20:18
Will we get told when the upgrade is complete?
probaly when the colours go back to orange
Anyway, i think blue would be a nice change for a week or two. Why not change colour every month! unless that would just take up too much time...:upset: