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Foilling Around
-17th March 2007, 13:51
This is not a dig at the BFA as it is not their decision where these events are held.

Why oh why do they site World Championships in such silly places.

The Turkey event is slap bang in the middle of tourist country during Easter week and the official hotel is a 5 star resort where the event will take place.

The result is that air fares from the UK are in the 300 region and hotel accommodation is around 50 per night. With transfers etc, we are looking at around 600 for a 4 night stay, considerably more for any Cadets fencing in the Junior Teams.

OK most of we affluent westerners will dig deep into our pockets and cough up, but how will this encourage fencers from less developed nations to take part. Surely it will not help our cause with the IOC when they look at the up and coming fencers and see that they are all from developed nations.

Next year could have similar, problems, Catania is a major tourist airport and we will be wanting to fly in at a busy period. Of course if you can book well in advance you can get cheap prices, but we cannot confirm teams until about 4 weeks before hand so we pay through the nose.

It does of course cost the BFA more because they pay for the officials and weapon coaches, even though the fencers and their parents pay their own way.

3 Card Trick
-17th March 2007, 15:11
Events involving people who are at school tend to be at the same time as school holidays. If they are in Europe this means extra cost.

I agree that this causes a funding problem.

When else would be appropriate to hold the event?

Having just come back from Serbia I am a convert to the idea that such countries have a real advantage for staging such events as they are cheap destinations. However, Serbia only happened with a big grant from the EFC to the organisers.

If GB hosted an event such as the Euro cadets would 34 countr5ies have been able to afford to attend?

I do hope that after Serbia more former Comecon countries may come forward to bid for major events.

-17th March 2007, 21:09
Surely the point is that they should be staged in "all" countries - so you'll have 'em on in tourist hot-spots, as well as delightfully untouched by the hand of capitalism/publicity/electricity/long way away .... places.
Korea wasn't exactly the Bahamas , but it wasn't quite Sheraton Hotel territory !

Foilling Around
-17th March 2007, 23:30
It is not the country which I am commenting on, but the location within the country, given the timing of the event.

Antalya airport is not that well served and it is expensive at this time of year. By scheduled flight it has to be via Istanbul. Extra cost 100 per person. Surely they could find a venue in or near Istanbul.

Antalya airport is a tourist airport not a business airport. This particular week is the start of the tourist season, so the prices are bumped up.

I spent 10 years as sales manager for a group tour operator, so I have a fair idea what I am talking about. The majority of the accommodation offered is also at the high end of the market.

I would not think of organising such and event in Brighton in July as the accommodation prices would be at their highest.

The latest edition of Escrime Magazine (the FIE mouthpiece) is very hot on the development of fencing in Africa (and rightly so) but the costs involved in locating the C&J Worlds in expensive locations cannot help this cause.