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-20th March 2007, 07:40
Does anyone know of any peeps who like to sponsor fencing types? We could really do with one!

Thanks in advance. :)

-20th March 2007, 09:49
Try your local businesses is my suggestion. Oh, and be prepared to have a 99% turndown ratio...

We tried contacting about 20 different local businesses last year, and only got one local pub/club (the magnet) to sponsor us.

If you've got a soc sec who is good with the gab, let them loose in the coventry city centre for a day or two. Local businesses will probably be interested, but don't expect more than say, 100.00 of sponsorship.

Also, you might want to try companies already involved with the University to some degree (i.e. working on catering at the Uni, working with departments at uni, etc.)

Also, have you thought about 'fundraisers'? I know, a horrible word to use to ask students to take some of their time to do activities to raise funds for the club (ugh!), but you'd be surprised how much money can be raise from, say a fence-a-thon with local clubs, or a raffle, or bingo, or valentine's day fleche'a grams! :rolling:

-20th March 2007, 11:16
Bars and Pubs are your best bet. Usually the deal is- you come and have your post match teas (at a reasonable rate of 1 per person) and organise a social at that venue (with a guaranteed number turning up) and they will give you say 500 in sponsorship. Trouble is that they are really after Rugby or Hockey clubs- clubs with over a 100 piss heads willing to have 4 socials a term at that venue.

-20th March 2007, 13:10
If you are looking for sponsorship for individual fencers try looking at this site:


I think it is UK sport's recommended site and is run by a fencer.

Gangsta G
-20th March 2007, 13:48
Trouble is that they are really after Rugby or Hockey clubs- clubs with over a 100 piss heads willing to have 4 socials a term at that venue.Doesn't ring any bells from my uni... :whistle:

-20th March 2007, 15:48
Is it the Uni club or Warwick itself?

If it's the Uni, and the AU can't or won't help, you could try connected organisations, such as the radio station, the Varsity or something. Alternatively smaller local businesses may often help, even with small lump sums, but you may have to be able to show some publicity in return.

Then there are always the usual funding routes - local councils, lottery and national funding, and even England Fencing if you can prove a valid development plan. If you have something specific, you could also try your county or region fencing association. Warwickshire is pretty strapped at the moment, but West Mids may be willing to consider. Again, this would have to be tied to an appropriate development plan.

For individual fencers, probably local council grants and trusts may be the best bet. There's often a yearly award or funding opportunity if you find the right one.

Contact details on www.westmidlandsfencing.org.uk (I think)

-21st March 2007, 05:03
Thanks guys. Some good ideas there.