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-21st March 2007, 09:13
Hey Gang,

The University of Liverpool, through its new department 'Sport Liverpool', has recently launched a new initiative (well, new to the university) to improve the performance of its athletic programmes. Part of this initiative is the creation of niche sports (in much the same way as Loughborough, Birmingham, and Bath have, to name a few), as well as offering a number of sports scholarships to select student-athletes.

Having had a long discussion with the Athletic Union Director, I've been told there will be quite a few scholarships on offer, and fencers are more than welcome to apply.

For information on the scholarships, application process and the like, visit:


For information about the university fencing club, visit:

www.liverpool-fencing.com (http://www.liverpool-fencing.com)


-23rd March 2007, 10:45
Very quick update:

Having just e-mailed our Athletic Union Director, he's informed me that EU students coming to study in the UK under the Erasmus Programme, as well as other similar programmes (I believe the Dutch have an exchange programme similar to Erasmus) are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Postgraduates are also eligible.

However, interested students should contact the Sports Department as soon as possible.

-20th June 2007, 09:04
Very quick reminder that the applications deadline for the Sports Scholarship Scheme for students starting their studies at the University of Liverpool this September/October is the 30th of June.

The university hopes to have around 50 Sports Scholarships available for student athletes for 2007/08, with the number increasing during the next two years to around 120-150.

Further details about the Scholarship Scheme can be found on the link below:


Further details about the club can be found on our website:

www.liverpool-fencing.com (http://www.liverpool-fencing.com)