View Full Version : Hi Tec fencing shoes

-2nd October 2003, 23:48
Saw a picture of these in the Metro today - look very similar to the squash shoes but in yellow with a fencer logo on the heel - can't find anything on the metro or hi-tec wb sites - any body else heard of them ?

-3rd October 2003, 07:01
Which page?

-3rd October 2003, 12:03
Somewhere in the fashion section.

-5th October 2003, 07:18
have you tried e-mailing Hi-tec maybe they can send you the info on the shoes:mexwave:

-9th October 2003, 19:45
These are I think a fashion shoe, However I have two pairs 8 and 9. The sole is black and probable a bit thin. Look great. Contact me or see at Youth event this weekend. Barry Paul