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-3rd October 2003, 12:13
I wonder if any other people feel that the foil groove is too thin or narrow as you may choose to describe it and escapes the fingers in wide motions in the Allstar/Uhlmann Italian pistols?
I've seen an LP pistol and they seem wider. I wonder if that we'll help.
Don't you move this to Armoury Gav...

-3rd October 2003, 12:49
Not quite sure what you're referring to here... do you mean the groove that the wire sits in, the notch cut in the end of a handle to facilitate the passing through of said wire, or something else entirely?

-3rd October 2003, 12:56
This is an armoury thread reposte...

Is it that difficult t keep track of the threads? <serious quesition incidentally>

-3rd October 2003, 15:40
It is a foil specific armoury question, Gav. I don't think epeeists have the same problem because they have either a pommel or
are a pistol that needs only sway and not flick.
I mean the part of the grip that is connected to the guard. The part where you hold twixt thumb and finger.
It's very hard to keep it so when the fingers are sweating.

-3rd October 2003, 15:50
Right off to armoury this goes. Although this is a foil specific questionm you will get a better response from there. I know that some good armourers (and it doesn't matter Foil, Sabre or Epee) hang out there and they can advise you better.

You will be better served by them.

Also it's a common misconception that there is no flick in Epee - there is and plenty of it.

-3rd October 2003, 16:08
As you wish, but I emphasize that I want solutions for a foilst.

-3rd October 2003, 17:20
Well you can have some for epeeists for free. :)

Try using the tape squash players use to wrap around the handle to thicken it - I did so in the days when I used a French grip.

-3rd October 2003, 18:00
I did once, then I found out that it makes point control very difficult indeed. One ort of looses the touch so to speak of the point. I should try and lay my hands on an LP grip I think, the groove is wider then the erman companies's.