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Foilling Around
-14th April 2007, 11:14
I didn't pick up on the following whilst out in Turkey, looks like we will be getting a World Championships here in two years.

So does this mean that we will keep the World Cadet Champs??

7) The following candidatures to the World Championships were received by the General Assembly :
Senior World Championships
2009 : Luxemburg (LUX)
2010 : Paris (FRA)
Junior/cadet World Championships
2009 : Great-Britain (GBR)
2010 : Serbia (SRB) to be confirmed
Veteran World Championships
2008 : Limoges (FRA)
2009 : Moscow (RUS)
8) 2007-2008 calendar
The 2007-2008 calendar draft has been accepted by the General Assembly and will be submitted to the approval of the Executive Committee.
9) 2008-2009 calendar
The number of competitions will be reduced to 11 competitions per weapon, for both senior and junior calendars.