View Full Version : Anybody hwo knows how to repaire an foiledge

-4th October 2003, 16:17
the edge on my foil (the one hwo registers my touches) has been done loose. know i want to know, if theres any other way out than glueing it to the foilblade again. i don't wan't to 'cause i've heard that if you glue it together with the foilblade, you'll risk that are never going to get it off again, if any other repairations are needed


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-7th October 2003, 17:48
Translations please?

-7th October 2003, 17:55
Moose, as requested:

(Danishfencer, please don't be offended! We all speak rubbish Danish...)

The edge of my foil (the one which registers my touches) [the tip? don't know enough about foil technicalities to guess from context] has come loose. Now I want to know if there's another way of fixing it, other than glueing it onto the foil blade again. I don't want to do that because I've heard that if you glue it, you'll risk never being able to get it off again if you need to make any other repairs in future.


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-7th October 2003, 18:06

well the barrel should be screwed onto the blade if I remember rightly, AFAIK there's no gluing involved.

-7th October 2003, 20:12
First make sure that the tip isn't cracked. If it is you have no option but to replace it.

If it isn't you can try screwing the tip up, this may work. In addition use a nut or stud locking compound (Locktite is a common UK brand name I use. Only relationship is as a satisfied customer) These are specially designed to hold until you unscrew them with hand tools.

Whatever you do be careful as its very easy to break the wire when you tighten the tip up.