View Full Version : Post Count?

-28th April 2007, 18:45
It seems as if my post count has dropped with the new look forum? I'm sure I had 100+

Anyone else notice their post count has changed?

-28th April 2007, 20:04
Yup, by lots...but I don't mind....;)

-28th April 2007, 23:17
I've no idea what mine was before so I wouldn't know lol...I think it may have dropped though.

-29th April 2007, 10:29
mine hasn't changed (there wasn't much to change anyway!)

-30th April 2007, 11:29
i've lost over 700 posts :(

-30th April 2007, 11:52
I've lost some, but don't have all that many to lose really. I just remember I was at 70 some small number of posts ago.

-30th April 2007, 12:02
Just seen someone's post (Bridgit's) with a zero post count on the New Members Intro board.

-30th April 2007, 14:07
fixed for everyone? :)

We had to import the post count from when the forum closed so any posts on the new forum have been erased from your post count...

Best we could do.

-30th April 2007, 14:47
Well, mine has gone back to what it was immediately post-upgrade, but that's still bellow the pre-upgrade total.

Actually, looking at my posts, I wonder if the 'chit-chat posts don't count' rule didn't get applied retroactively when it came in, but does now? At least, that would account for the number of missing posts for me.

-30th April 2007, 20:39
Ahh my missing 700, welcome back

I knew i'd lost some as i was in a race to be the first to get 1000 posts in the dim and dark past, got beaten by a few sec's