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-5th October 2003, 21:20
Many of you use Leon-Paul epees, here I'm sure. Do any of you have any problems with your epees grouping together to spoil your day? At Shropshire, all three of mine were in top form in the morning. After two fights, all had failed. (Gauge, broken wire and gauge again) I could have coped with all this but not at once! I am deeply suspicous and am keeping them in isolation, so they cannot communicate to one another.

-5th October 2003, 22:00
Nah - it's a pan-epee conspiracy - all hree of mie went at the Miller-Hallet - grub screws twice and gauge.

-6th October 2003, 12:53
It's a well known fact that if you have 2 epees they both go down, and if you have 4 or more none of them do. Simple, really.

I don't know about epees talking to each other, but has anyone else noticed that ground leads seem to have a party whenever you put them in a bag? They get so tangled up I'm amazed we never find any baby ones in there as well.

-6th October 2003, 16:45
Well I gave each of my epees a thourgh cross-examination last night but they refused to yield any information

-6th October 2003, 21:47
...can't you just tell those peeps who have lawyers in the family..............poor epees..............;)

-6th October 2003, 22:07
I put it to my epees that they were guilty of conspireing against the common good, breach of public order offenses, seriuos misdemounours against etc etc

Once again they remained silent throughout the investigation and from this I concluded that they were in fact guilty. The case for the prosecution is concluded.
Once again, Mr. Epee, I put it to you [enough of this - mum]


-7th October 2003, 01:07
It's all a matter of probability!!! When all your weapons are the same; bought at the same time etc, they are also all bound to fail at roughly same time. Why: blame Murphy!

I have five weapons at the moment, hopefully not all 5 will fail on the same day. So my solution is: keep as many weapons as possible.

-7th October 2003, 18:12
I find that bodywires conspire to all break at the same time, and always in a stupid place grrrrrrr.

-7th October 2003, 19:12
I've found the best way to keep your epees in order is to regularly thrash them to within an inch of their lives so they know who's boss. They now understand that if they behave I won't have to throw them at walls/floor/open fencing bag, etc. and although they will occasionally misbehave individually they never dare fail to co-operate simultaneously. Admittedly, I use Allstar so there's probably something about the ability to follow orders and general German efficiency. Hope that helps.;)


-7th October 2003, 20:01
....perhaps I should now qualify in Epee Protection, and formulate a policy and procedure to follow. Oh boy, MORE work.............:tongue: ;) ;)

-7th October 2003, 20:33
Right thanks Haggis, I will subject my epees to a flogging tonight, followed by a lecture on the responsibilitys of being an epee. Having instigated a law suit against one (the leader) the rest will be thourghly victimised, until they have no revolutionary-ness left in them


(I don't belive in initiative - only sheep like behavior)

-7th October 2003, 23:08
Threaten to hook them up to a 3 phase power supply if they continue to misbehave.