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-8th October 2003, 10:34
I know there's a Second Hand topic bit, but this is a bit more Armourer based...

The club's on about selling off a load of c. 18 month old Foils and Epees (all elec). We've got so many, we're just going to sell them off at a flat price, and recommend they get re-wired.

Any idea what sort of prices we should be aiming at? The Foils are mostly Maraging, and the Epees are Etoile (it's all LP kit).

We're thinking about aiming for around half the LP list price for each item. Is that fair? Too generous? Thoughts please..?

-8th October 2003, 12:11
sounds about right (20 for the epees , 40 for the foils) - usually when buying bladed you're buying a pig in a poke, they these don't seem too heavily used.

-11th October 2003, 00:45
Well, I would never buy a second hand blade. It's hard to tell how much it has been used and how long it will last.

So I wouldn't pay 40 for a second hand margaging foil. Neither would I pay 20 for a second hand epee. But, it's probably about right if you are going to sell them on ebay (for example). Otherwise you might struggle, especially as you have quite a few weopons to sell. Ebay is probably your best bet; that way you''ll get as much money as someone is prepared to pay. You may get more money than what you suggested, or you may get less. I would probably use a reserve price have a reserve price: epee 15, foil: 25.

-11th October 2003, 00:58
I would never buy a second hand blade

I've bought a couple of FS Maraging foil blades which have 1993 branded onto them.
No complaints. Wonderful blades and they do take abuse wonderfully. Don't know about Epee fencing though.

-11th October 2003, 11:42
Like I said, you can never tell. e.g. I have a BF maraging foil blade which is only about 12 months old but I have used it extensively. I could clean this blade and make it look like new, but I know that it would it probably only last me for about another 6 weeks at the most.

So, you were lucky! but you can never tell, that's my point.

-11th October 2003, 13:13
yeah, i'd never buy 2nd hand weapons....

-11th October 2003, 16:41
Generally you're ok buying off a club, cos there weapons don't see the kind of use that a fencer's personal weapon would. Our club has loads of LP Budget Maraging and Full Maraging foils that have various dates from 92-96 etched on them and they still have bag loads of life in them. Which is why I'd never recommend a club buy any other kind of electric foil.

-15th October 2003, 12:28
Could be a good buy for a new or even established club, especially a school. ebay is a good idea as some buyers seem to have little idea of prices!!