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Boo Boo
-24th April 2003, 10:43
Competition Guide/Information Forum (as suggested by Jambo in another thread)?

Although this may fit under "Tournaments", I suppose, it is worth having a seperate forum for this?

People could post information/tips about competitions (both National and A-grades/Coup de Nord etc.)? i.e. parking, hotels (good and bad), restaurants, etc.etc.

Just a thought.

-25th April 2003, 07:45
yer it someting I am think about as I said before I want to keep it compact at the begining and then expand.

-25th April 2003, 08:26

I've already started one in the Tournamnets section! Can one of the admin people make a decision and merge them when it's decided where it will fit best????

-25th April 2003, 08:44
No problem maybe we can make you a moderator for that part of the site?

-25th April 2003, 11:57
No problem, drop me an e-mail with details of what you want me to do.

-25th April 2003, 15:32
Don't trust him Don't trust him!!!!!!