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-11th October 2003, 16:50
Just after some advise really!! has anyone tried or is using DUELLIST " Evolution FIE 800n Jacket and breeches with the black piping?? i really want to treat my self to some good kit and rhey caught my eye!!
Cheers guys!


-11th October 2003, 18:35
As far as I'm aware the jacket at least is pretty good, I know someone who wears one and he seems pleased, they look nice too!

-11th October 2003, 23:05
The only person i know who uses the Duellist kit is real happy with it. The after sales care is good aswell, they had a bit of damage to it and duellist were quite happy to repair it. The only thing that they did pick up on was the seams were tyhe wrong way round. So there was a rodge running down the leg and arm that a point could get stuck on . Apart from that i've not heard of any problems with it,

-12th October 2003, 21:46
Duellist kit is good, they do a membership scheme, if you pay an annual subsription you get a big discount. Worth looking at if you need a bit of kit in one go. Their masks are excellent, much better than any of the competition, and cheaper too !

Their starter kit is the best value for money, they give a good jacket not a basic back zip thing !:)

-13th October 2003, 08:00
Yes I've got one of those, or something very similar from Duellist. No problems with the jacket, has been fine for me.

My sabre lame has had it though, lasted just over a year from there. Lesson to you all, dont economise on lames! :(


Barry Paul
-13th October 2003, 10:38
The duellist starter kit for some strange reasons comes without a plastron. Basic 350 N Duelist plastron is 28. Fencing without a plastron is contary to British Fencing regulations, prehaps the Duellist starter Kit kit is for non contact fencing? Once you add the cost of a plastron the price is the same as the Leon Paul K1. This comes with a back zip extra padded jacket, this padding is much appreciated by beginners, especially young fencers. If a fencer wants a front zip jacket he can always choice a K2 for an extra 18, which comes with the 350 Club Jacket and a F100 mask. Barry Paul

-15th October 2003, 12:24
Duellist kit is very good, masks, clothing, weapons etc. Friendly service, The jackets etc wash and dry well (reports from parents of fencers in my club say better than other kit). They have had a problem with supplies but believe this is now sorted out. I will always go for Duellist!

-15th October 2003, 15:14
Well thanks guys it was a big help!!........and also just to say im going to isleworth friday to buy some new uniforms.................... Ok and i might be tempted to buy a few little extras!! He he :grin:

-16th October 2003, 07:26
Symon - suggest you call John/Ian before you go as I have heard no kit in till November-

-16th October 2003, 13:58
Originally posted by Winwaloe
Symon - suggest you call John/Ian before you go as I have heard no kit in till November-

thanks win!! :)