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Andy W.
-12th October 2003, 21:55
So who is coming to the decider of the LPJS? We'll be there for the U11 girls, the final league places are looking like a two horse race, although the present rankings don't include Durham.

Any thoughts on places to stay the night before?


-14th October 2003, 09:18
Hi Andy W. you could try:


I stayed here recently for a night and it's reasonably priced and right next to the A14......

-20th October 2003, 23:33
Hi Andy
Not sure how LP has totted up the scores even without Durham.

I make it Olivia 3 wins and a 3rd = 97 (I'm counting Bude as a win). The only way I can get to 94 is if Bude was excluded based on only one fencer, Olivia turning up (some clarification from LP would be nice).

Caitlin 2 wins and 2 seconds = 96

Durham's result doesn't matter as Caitlin came 2nd and Olivia 3rd and they already had those results.

If the LP scores are correct (which it isn't for Genevive who I reckon has 91 points) then should Genevive win on her home turf and Olivia not make the final Genevive would tie for 2nd.

What a field it would be if Genevive, Olivia, Lucy, Caitlin, Pebbles and Ali were to all turn up!

I haven't made any arrangements for accommodation yet - I'm in the states on biz but hoping to get back to drive down to Cambs so everything including Caitlin getting there is now in the mix. If push comes to shove the missus will have to take my spot at the end of the piste. :confused:

Andy W.
-21st October 2003, 21:27
Tubby, I don't quiet understand the scoring on the LPJS site either, but it still looks like a few people are in with a good chance of winning the series. It won't be us as we've only done two comps so far! I think its fair enough for Olivia to be credited with Bude, she made the effort, not her fault no one else turned up! Thought about it ourselves but ended up going to Dieppe instead. Dieppe was shorter travel time and about the same total cost!
We hope to make Cambridge, we have a local event on the same day, the decider will be weather I think. Its a good 2.5 hour one way trip from here, (must be even more from your neck of the woods) so bad weather would make me unwilling to drive that far. Guess thats just part of national events, shame more of the competitons can't be in the spring/summer and during hioliday times, (although I already know why not!).
Hope the trip to the States goes well.


-21st October 2003, 22:47
Cambridge is always the make or break comp, being the last of the season - it was always the one we all went to when Rich was fencing foil - if only to be given yer pair of docks for coming 6th !! and one year, second place and 50 voucher !!! I'm even tempted to come down with our kids just to see Caitlin do well, but would probably hex her, so will just make do with this Sunday instead - hope tomorrow goes well...........make sure brain switched on when the questions is asked, my dear ;) ;)

-21st October 2003, 23:16
what sort of questions does she ask? I could do with a heads up, favorite colour, band, or easy ones like whats ROW?

-21st October 2003, 23:27
...should I tell you ??? Are you surprised at your child's success?? etc etc.....:grin:

-23rd October 2003, 11:06
LP have now updated the U11 Girls rankings. Olivia's and Genevive's scores are 97 and 91 respectively. So its show time.............................


-24th October 2003, 13:10
Hi Tubby,
I've just been on the site and it looks as though they have used the Leicester results and not the Durham results as Durham are not on the board.so dependant on the Durham result it may change the figures. I know the boys look wrong so I assume the girls are aswell.!!
See you Sunday bright and early:)