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-13th October 2003, 12:27
Right, I need a new sabre lame, my old Duellist one is getting dodgy at the cuff now. Its OK for club but not likely to pass an equipment test :(

So my choices are:

Leon Paul normal SS:

Leon Paul Lightweight:

Allstar UK Inox:

Gofence.com TCA Ultralight :

Duellist Evolution: (somewhat put off them as their "Classic" only lasted me a year and 3 months :( )

Battling PBT Men's Sabre Lamé Jacket Inox

Merlin MX - stainless steel,

Negrini UK El. Jacket for Sabre: stainless-steel

Now I'm leaning toward the normal Paul one, the PBT or the Gofence ultralight. Has anyone got any experience of these, advice on what to go for. I'm really looking for something that will be fairly hardwearing that I dont have to worry too much about. A lightweight would be nice, but isnt essential.

Comments appreciated

-13th October 2003, 12:35

as you know I love my LP light-weight lame...had it a year and no probs at all with it - what I'd suggest is to keep your old lame for use in the club, and only bring the new one out for comps.

if the old one goes bare in places get some lame cloth and patch it up. Will save a whole load of wear on the new jacket.

friend has just bought an allstar one and looks pretty good

ps won the North-West Ireland at the w/e - hooray!

Dave Hillier
-13th October 2003, 12:38
if it is just the cuff that is going can't you just use an overlay or on of the LP sabre gloves?

or am I being stupid.

-13th October 2003, 12:51
Its the bit on the sleeve that the glove/overlay touches, hence sometimes bits of the wrist dont register :( Not consistently though.

-13th October 2003, 15:39
i've had the exact same problem with my jacket and it failed weapons controll at edingurgh coupe and had to go back to using my old allstar one that is too small for me. even though the bit that is bare could not be hit as is under overlay and glove it still fails weapons control in case your jacket rides up your arm and that is the only bit in contact with overlay.

-13th October 2003, 15:59
I love my LP lightweight, well worth the extra, much cooler and more comfortable.

Barry Paul
-13th October 2003, 17:24
I recently asked the top foil Coaches which lame last the longest. Mark Nelson Grifiths, Tomeck and Jemeck all thought the Leon Paul foil jackets had the longest life. Only this weekend Philip West father commented that his sons Blue continental stainless steel lame had lasted less than half the time of his previous Leon Paul lame.

We do use the most expensive lame avalaible and experience has shown us this results in the longests life lame avaliable.

As for the the life of the Leon Paul Light weight material it has not been used for long enough to get a proper representative feedback, however I think it is at least 80% of the standard lame.

I have no reason not to think that the lame life should be simillar for sabre jackets. However at sabre with the cuting action of many hits the smooth lightweight lames might well perform better hence some of the reports of our lightweight sabre lame lasting so long. There is also much less chance of dead spots being caused by the lame abrading itself as the hard lame threads rub against each other around the sleeve area and where the overlay fits.

Barry Paul M.D. Leon Paul.

-13th October 2003, 20:34
Couple in favour of the LP lightweight then, thanks for that. Does fit the strategy of not economising as well.

Anyone got the Gofence one? Kian, you out there? Opinion?


-5th November 2003, 14:31
Going for the LP lightweight, hopefully pick it up in Cardiff. Thanks for the opinions.

Any chance of a forum discount? :tongue:


-5th November 2003, 14:44
i've heard nothing but good things about these american made Infinity lames...
heven't got one myself but i think its gonna be my next choice. they're supposed to be much lighter and just as durable.
Someone on the forum just bought one but can't remeber who it was...
actually it was gladiator.. send him a pm and ask what he thinks

-5th November 2003, 22:35
Yeah I was thinking about one of them but apparently quite a lot of people have been having problems with the seams splitting (from discussions on fencing.net). And if I have to send it back to the states its going to be pretty inconvenient..

-6th November 2003, 14:40
i believe thats cos people make the common mistake of thinking they are a little bit thinner than they are... and if you're not sure of your exact size i think they've been known to send a couple of lames to make sure one fits...

-7th November 2003, 18:21
Yeah i would always make sure that new kit fits you perfectly. And if not send it back. Big reason for going to the shops.

-8th November 2003, 00:46
yeah, apparantly the infinity ones are very nice

-2nd December 2003, 23:42
Apolgies for taking so long to reply.

I have one thing to say on the topic of lames:


Yes Barry, I've herd the reports of them not lasting as long, but until it happens to me I'm still loving it.

At first I thought the stretch panel idea was a bit gimicky however after using it for a few months I can definately say get one.

However, I would say get one thats a snug fit, since that way you benefit from the stretch panels and it fits like a glove.

One down side it don't lend it to team mates (BUSA in this case). I'm a 40 inch chest and one of our fencers is a 42 minimum and has been having to use it for BUSA, returning me to me painfully small PBT one. I'm currently attempting to resize it back with some pursuasive washing. Don't ask how, it just works.

Kian Ryan
Advocate of TCA Ultralight Lames.

-3rd December 2003, 08:31
Thought it was about time I added my opinion on infinity lames to this thread. On my return to fencing after 5 years off due to injury, but still refereeing, I thought I might as well buy a decent lame as I intend to be around for a while. I'd seen the infinity lames around and thought I'd see how much they were. About the same as an LP lightweight.

I'd heard about the seam problem and the manufacturers advice says that you should buy larger than normal. As long as you can reach both opposite shoulders (crossing arms) then the seams should be OK. They also sent me two sizes so that I could pick the best one.

Anyone who wants to try mine at BUSA is welcome this weekend, send me a PM and a mobile number and i'll get in touch with you.

And no, I dont work for infinity!

-3rd December 2003, 08:51
Thanks for the reply but you're too late, I've got a Leon Paul lightweight on order, just getting slightly longer sleeves on it.

Will hopefully pick it up at the H+W this weekend :D


-11th December 2003, 14:23
and did you use it to gain your L8 placing Steve?

-11th December 2003, 15:16
Still not ready :(

My fault for having long arms I guess...


-11th December 2003, 18:16
For those that it will matter to (unfortunately, I is not one) John Kennedy was telling me that infinity lames are not FIE-legal. This is because of all the little holes in the net-like lining that mean it is not a complete lining. Lining has to be complete, because it is insulating you from the metal bit of the lame. If you are not completely insulated, and you sweat lots all your kit can become live, so, for example if you get hit on the thigh, it will come up as a live hit for your opponent. That would irritate me no end!

-11th December 2003, 19:45
For once, I'd like to confirm what Barry says. The standard LP lame jackets do definitely last the longest. I can't comment on the light weight lames as I've never used them.

-12th December 2003, 12:17
I'm considering a new, lightweight lame, as my current one has started to wear out under the arms. I think that a lightweight may last longer, as the LP lame is horribly abrasive on itself