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-24th July 2007, 14:40
Instructions for extracting data from Engarde files to send to LPJS results

1. Open Engarde and then the competition you want.
2. From the File menu, click Results files, other files.
3. Click FFF transfer file. Results: final ranking should already be clicked; if not, click it. Click OK.
4. You now get 2 questions; click OK to both.
5. Give the file a name, and decide where you want to save it. The default is to the AUX folder for that competition within the Engarde directory, but you may find it easier later if you save it to the desktop or My Documents (I usually create a folder on the desktop called Transfer Files).
6. Open a new workbook in Excel.
7. From the Excel File menu, choose Open, and then find the FFF file you have just created. (You will need to change the default value for the Files of Type box at the bottom of the Open menu to All Files). Double click on the file name. Alternatively just double click on the file without opening Excel first. If it doesnít want to open, and asks you what software to open it with, select Excel.
8. You should now have the Text Import wizard on screen. Click Delimited for the file type, then click Next.
9. Check Tab, Semi-colon and Comma on the next screen. Then click Next, and then Finish.
10. You should now have a spreadsheet with all the results.
11. To get this into LPJS format, first delete the top two rows. Also delete all columns except the ID (which I always put into Engarde as the FIE license), surname , firstname and club.
12. Rearrange the columns of data into the correct order, and convert the ranking to points: 25 for 1st place, 23 for 2nd, 22 for 3rd, and then 20, 19, 18 etc down to zero.
13. Save the file with the name of the competition including the Age Group and gender, choosing CSV file in the Save as Type box.
14. Repeat for all the other competitions, then e-mail all the CSV files to the results co-ordinator.

Other places to publish results.
It is easy to get your results published on the BFA website and in The Sword. For each competition, follow this procedure:

Open the competition in Engarde.
From the HTML menu, choose Overall Ranking and Make a file. Give your file a name (the Default is ClasGeneral, which isnít very helpful) and save it in a sensible place, rather than buried in the competition AUX files which is the default. I save them all to a Transfer Files folder on the desktop or in My Documents.
Do the same with the other competitons, then just e-mail them all as attachments to both Kim at BFA Headquarters, and Malcolm Fare whose e-mail address can be found here:

http://www.britishfencing.com/Search.asp?submitted=1&ContactID=39&ContactName=Malcolm+Fare (http://www.britishfencing.com/Search.asp?submitted=1&ContactID=39&ContactName=Malcolm+Fare)

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