View Full Version : Very good and fast, womens team-competition --Russia--

-16th October 2003, 12:14
Of course everybody was happy when Russia's Women-Epee-Team, earned Russia another Goldmedal. the second that day.
i don't know if i were the only one who sat back in my chair, thinking about:

was it a psycological game, the russian girl where playing, when she three times gave the other team a tuché, using her hand as a parry-tool. she looked like she had got rage in the end of the match.

Danishfencer :transport

-16th October 2003, 12:42
It's either something she did on purpose, to annoy the other fencer (quite unlikely, she did get 3 red cards out of it), or it is something she was trained to do, and couldn't get the habit out during the final where the refereeing was more serious.

It's quite bad sportsmanship in both cases, if you want my opinion.