View Full Version : Any one coming to Durham?

-24th August 2007, 00:40

Now that A-level results have come out I figured that I’d ask if any ones coming Durham uni next term? We are running a training camp, the week before Fresher’s week, for details of a kind see our website http://www.dur.ac.uk/fencing or http://dur.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2395352943 if you want to come then e-mail me t.h.moorcroft@dur.ac.uk and we see if we can sort some thing out.


-24th August 2007, 06:44

I am due to start a part time MA in October, but haven't fenced at all for over a year, so don't think I could cope with pre-season training. I'll keep in touch, when is training in term time?

-27th August 2007, 08:41
Training should run at the following times, (subject to the desires of the athletics union)
Training takes place at the Graham Sports Centre, http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?near=Graham+Sports+Centre%2C+Maiden+Castle&q=aa+route&f=p&btnG=Search+Maps
(this goes by many different names... such as MC, Maiden Castle or the uni sport centre. the list goes on, but there all the same place) we’ll be found at the far side of the main sport hall, hidden behind a large net.

Uni Training Monday 5-7
British Fencing Centre Durham FOIL Tuesday 7-9.30
Uni Training (when there’s not a match) Wednesday 2.30-5
British Fencing Centre Durham SABRE Wednesday 7- 9.30
British Fencing Centre Durham EPEE Friday 7- 9.30
Uni Training Saturday 2.30-5

All training is ran by Laszlo and follows the following format

Warm up and footwork
Free Fencing/ Fencing Exercise’s/ Individual Lessons (if you can corner him)

In addition to this there will probable be some fitness session of some kind but I don’t know when that going to be happening or what it will involve, and for any one feeling really keen there is also Laszlo’s Fencing which meets Thursday 7.00pm - 9pm Deerness Valley School Sports Centre, Ushaw Moor

-28th August 2007, 14:04
Durham is great for fencing (aswell as being a damn fine Uni) for those of you considering going, or who have places.

Should start thinking of organising the Alumni match at some point.. last year was a bit rushed :)