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-20th October 2003, 10:55
I wonder if it might be a good idea to change the heading of this section to 'youth fencing' rather than 'leon paul junior series'? It might mean we get discussion of more youth events. (LOOK AT THE THREAD IN THE TOURNAMENTS SECTION I POSTED ABOUT THE GB CAD/JUNIORS EVRYONE. NO-ONE HAS REPLIED YET!)

-20th October 2003, 12:28
A very, very good idea - this reminds me -Tigger do you have an active junior section? I was wondering about a club friendly sometime.

-20th October 2003, 12:38
A very active 1! About 30 regulars of all levels from absolute beginners up to GB Youth international. Mostly foil & sabre, but we could put an epee team together too. Would be great to have a match - maybe 1 home and 1 away to even up travelling!? Perhaps in 2 age groups - U18 & U14.

PM me if u like.

-26th October 2003, 22:23
A shed load of replies to your mail re Cadet and Junior champs since 20th October, but I think there is an arguement for a Youth Section on the forum, by which i suspect we'd keep it to under 17, yes??

Having winged enough to get someone at region to take on board the task of DOING something to encourage the youth of Yorkshire, I am strongly of the opinion that we should do this at every turn for every young fencer, particularly those of GBR (the patience of our off shore bretheren obviously looked for).

I'm game for a Youth Section, which can happily include threads on the fantastic LPJS comps.

Barry?? Gav??;) ;)