View Full Version : LP sabre glove

-20th October 2003, 11:24
Am I wrong in thinking the LP lame glove I just bought will get refused by WC at the Coupe's? It has a bl***y size sticker on the lame which is a dead area.
Anyone at LP: Is this removable or will the lame underneath be wrecked?

-20th October 2003, 17:32

-20th October 2003, 18:38
I don't think taking the sticker off will harm it - I took it off mine!

-21st October 2003, 11:17
So did I. Nice to see you paying attention though. ;-)

If you take the sticker off it should conduct okay, and then pass WC at Coupe.

All I need to do now is get my mask re-furbished and we're back in the game.

Kian :-P