View Full Version : Sergei Golubitsky Views on the final

Barry Paul
-21st October 2003, 07:20
I thought you all might be interested in Sergei view of the foil final.
'Saw the final. It was a young final, where fencers fenced like juniors. Only Vanni tried to do something sometimes adult. I'm not happy what I saw and sorry to admit, that this is today's fencing.
I don't want to sound like an "old" guy, who criticises modern fencing and fencers. but I hate it, pre-Olympics fencing, with
good old names was much more interesting.' Barry Paul

-21st October 2003, 15:09
My coach felt the same, and he's a Russian too, same Guardia as G's.
I of course taunted him and said that his trick is to appear god like by trashing the ultimate quality,
but I suspect he's right. If we all fenced foil with an Epee's blade I imagine it might look different.
Barry, why don't you ask him what match (whose footage's available) does represent a top quality fencing match?