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-17th October 2007, 19:18
I am compiling the TA ranking lists which will be used for selection for a TA U15 Squad (England) trip to Poland in early 2008. I hope to be using results from the BYC Feb 2007, EYC 2007, LPJS and the Elite Epee Junior Series.

I hope to make this a rolling ranking :eek:.

However in order to do that I will need the results of the following LPJS 2007 competitions:

Can comp organisers (or Ben) please PM me so I arrange to receive the results.

Andrew Chang

-17th October 2007, 21:52
As far as I can see they are all on the LPJS website here:


Just click Epee, U15, and Select a competition below.

-17th October 2007, 22:24
Ta PE. Unfortunately I need to see who took part in each comp to work out the NIF. Anyways I see from PM1's latest post on the TA U15 Trip its U15 and U13 and U11 ....

-17th October 2007, 22:36
Those ARE the complete lists - if there are 10 names, then those 10 took part.

-17th October 2007, 22:38
For example,

Results for Boys U15 - Epee Durham Leon Paul Junior Series confirmed

Due to incorrect or missing LPJS ID's from some of the early competitions this season some of these rankings may be incorrect. If you do not think you have been awarded the correct points please click here (http://www.leonpaulnews.com/lpjs/error.php?y=2007) to check the incorrect results page.

1JOHNSTON Josh Perthshire25
3WINTER Andrew West Fife22
3RUSSELL Steven West Fife22
5LORYMAN James Skipton20
6BROWN Darren West Fife19
7JONES Maxim Laszlo's Fencing18
8MILLS David Washington17
9TOOP Liam Harrogate16
10LONDON James Bramhall15

-17th October 2007, 23:08
The intention is that the Elite Epee Junior Series events results to be available on www.eliteepee.com on the evening (or early hours) after the event take place and emailed to BF the following week..

First event Saturday after next.

-18th October 2007, 08:47
Those ARE the complete lists - if there are 10 names, then those 10 took part.I couldn't get the drop down box to come up with any competitions under 2007. Once I put 2006 in and got those and then switched back to 2007 they appeared :) . Thanks for persisting with me.