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  1. Calling a Spade a Spade

    Fencing is a noble art steeped in history and tradition and the preserve of highly intelligent and articulate individuals. Nowadays its full of politics and BS merchants seeking power and I've come to the realisation that there are some within fencing (who are NOT fencers of any note) who live in a dream world of power, politics, lies and BS.

    It's sad for me to see the collective ideas of contributors on this forum being ignored by those sat in the ivory towers. There are some very ...
  2. Need to Get Upto Date With Technology!!

    This week has been about Germans, export and importing fencing equipment.

    After the recent surprise visit by a well known German manufacturer and them lighting my rear end like a Catherine Wheel, it was time to make a few changes to both personnel and our marketing strategy.

    Stuart Marshall has been appointed Director of Sales for the company and I look forward to him bringing a wealth of experience in the fencing marketplace.

    David Gregory is taking ...
  3. Welsh Open Results

    What a great weekend for the North West Academy.

    The weekend started off with 10 year old Cameron Gorle taking part in the U12 Foil competition. Gorle took the silver medal and finished ahead of his highly experienced fellow North Walian couterparts. Gorle, who has only been fencing for the past 12 months, joined the North West Academy's Centre of Excellence in July 2011 and has been improving rapidly under the guidance of his Coach Peter Davies.

    Then it was the turn ...
  4. Why Did I Bother?

    I thank you all for your comments, I put up the results in good faith and to show what we are all about. I never expected to read the comments that have been made in such a manner. I cannot believe that there is anyone out there that has read my comments about what we are all about and thought “He's an idiot”.

    To think for one moment that I know nothing about sports is just insulting, but highlights the intellectual level at which some people are.

    To get a precise ...
  5. NW Fencing Academy Training Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Fencing@ View Post
    The North West Fencing Academy is pleased to announce that its first training session will be held at;

    David Lloyd Health Club,
    Cromwell Avenue South,
    Great Sankey,
    Cheshire WA5 1HH

    November 26th 2011

    The sessions will comprise of the following;

    10.00 U10, U12, U14 Arrival (Sabre & Epee Only)
    10.15 Registrations, Warm up's & Parents Meeting

    10.30 Fitness Fundamentals &
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