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  1. Parent-Child Counseling , Parent-Kid Counseling in Erina at Living Well Psychology Clinic

    Counseling and therapy can help parents in various ways. Some parents may become stressed by a particular

    parenting challenge, be it a one-time event or recurring situation.We offer services include counselling, family

    dispute resolution (mediation) and a range of family and community support. Find Self Esteem Therapists,

    psychologist central coast, Self Esteem Counseling in Erina and Psychologist Erina.
  2. Couple counselling | Family Counselling at Central Coast

    Living well psychology clinic offers family and relationship counselling. Have a look at the changing nature of your relationship, manage the grief and loss.Our counsellor and Psychologist Terrigal creates an environment for you to examine, build on and nurture your connections, relationships and Parenting Support and Counselling.

    Our Treatment areas are :

    1. Depression
    2. Self esteem concerns
    3. Grief and Loss
    4. Relationship Counselling

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