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  1. How do you become good public speaker?

    Tips to become good public speaker
    • Plan appropriately.
    • Practice.
    • Engage with your audience.
    • Pay attention to body language.
    • Think positively.
    • Cope with your nerves.
    • Watch recordings of your speeches.
  2. Motivational Quotes

    Defeat the Difficulties. Don't let difficulties Defeat You.
    have nice a day!!!
  3. 🤺 Dutch filmmakers are producing a fencing film! 🤺

    The short film Double D tells the story about 13-year old Puck who is confronted by her changing body that starts to develop more traits associated with femininity at a fencing camp, she is forced to reevaluate the relationship she has to her body.

    It will be a very personal film, because the director is a fencer herself. Fencing will be a great motive in the film. Besides that, fencing is not a common subject in filmmaking history. We wanted to make a change and show people how beautiful ...
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  4. Need to Get Upto Date With Technology!!

    This week has been about Germans, export and importing fencing equipment.

    After the recent surprise visit by a well known German manufacturer and them lighting my rear end like a Catherine Wheel, it was time to make a few changes to both personnel and our marketing strategy.

    Stuart Marshall has been appointed Director of Sales for the company and I look forward to him bringing a wealth of experience in the fencing marketplace.

    David Gregory is taking ...
  5. Epee competition club night at st paul's school open to all fencers on 9.11.11

    Quote Originally Posted by Pointework View Post

    Right the winner was definitely someone named 'Mark' but he is not a cadet. There was a cadet that kept killing everyone but he apparently came 2nd or 3rd. Mark is definitely a senior and apparently gleaned his epee technique from the stalwarts at the Landsdowne but he is also a 3 weapon fencer and belongs to two other clubs.

    Now had I won, I would have been able to give everyone really clear details of everyone
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