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  1. Why Did I Bother?

    I thank you all for your comments, I put up the results in good faith and to show what we are all about. I never expected to read the comments that have been made in such a manner. I cannot believe that there is anyone out there that has read my comments about what we are all about and thought “He's an idiot”.

    To think for one moment that I know nothing about sports is just insulting, but highlights the intellectual level at which some people are.

    To get a precise ...
  2. Elite Epee Open

    Spent Sunday with David at the Elite Epee and it was the best run competition I've seen so far. Well done to the organisers it was very slick.

    David got a Last 4 and lost to Jon Willis 15-8. David did well taking a 3-1 lead on Willis before his arm injury started to affect him, preventing him from being able to grip his sword properly. The injury, caused during a clash on piste with Lane in the Last 8's, saw David almost throw away a 14-10 lead and he only just managed to win the bout ...

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  3. OK, let me clear a few things up

    I'm as diplomatic as a rotting wilderbeest and when it comes to BS artists I have an attitude akin to a rottweiler with toothache.

    I wrote a blog earlier and the “grief” it's caused is laughable and so I take this time to go through some of the points of concern and break it down into laymans terms.

    Our aim when we found Jon Willis in our sights was to meet him in the DE's. Why? Because he's the best fencer in the UK and who better to fence against and gauge David's progress. ...
  4. Calling a Spade a Spade

    Fencing is a noble art steeped in history and tradition and the preserve of highly intelligent and articulate individuals. Nowadays its full of politics and BS merchants seeking power and I've come to the realisation that there are some within fencing (who are NOT fencers of any note) who live in a dream world of power, politics, lies and BS.

    It's sad for me to see the collective ideas of contributors on this forum being ignored by those sat in the ivory towers. There are some very ...