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  1. Fencing Academy Update

    It's been an interesting weekend reading the posts and messages sent to Tom from members of the fencing forum.

    The number of downloaded application forms has been very surprising as has the amount of visits per day that have risen from 80 to 275 to the Rivington Fencing Club website. This means that the interest could potentially see us reaching the capacity of the halls and coaching ratio's very soon.

    Having coaches such as James Williams, Linda Strachan and Pierre ...
  2. The North West Fencing Academy

    Quote Originally Posted by Fencing@ View Post
    The Coaching Staff of the North West Academy are starting to take shape.

    Academy Director of Elite Coaching, James Williams, is assembling one of the best possible coaching line up's at Academy level in many years.

    Three time Olympian and British Sabre Champion, Williams is joined by Pierre Harper a 6 times British Champion, 3 times Commonwealth Champion, Pierre was also participant of the Olympic Games in 1980, 1984 and 1988.

    Linda Strachan is also
  3. My Final Blog....!!!!

    I write my final blog with fondness and a tinge of sadness.

    Owing to a company restructuring, I'm going back to my real job within the group of companies and the daily grind of the construction industry. The restructuring has been set about by the recent acquistions of RSM and All-American and the need to be more pro-active in the fencing marketplace. I'm not a sportsman and so it's better that a more experienced person sits in the chair and leads the charge.

    During ...
  4. Bristol Open

    David Gregory and Des Williams head off to the Bristol Open this evening. Preparations have taken a back seat slightly owing to the new academy preparations, but its all going well and a decent result isn't out of reach.

    Wishing David the best of luck on behalf of all his sponsors.
  5. Academy Technical and Pathway Document

    What is the North West Fencing Academy About?

    The Academy is an Elite Fencer Development Programme split into 4 parts:

    The Fencer -

    The fencer, the staff and the parents. Everyone associated with the The North West Fencing Academy understands the role that they play within our programme.

    The Place
    The venues selected to host training camps are not only the best available, but in some cases world class environments that supports our ...