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  1. Bill Hoskyns Open 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrano5 View Post
    Is there an entry list anywhere?
    Seconded, need to know soon if the entry is worth the trip so I can get the time of work if I plan to go. Running out of time to do so tho.
  2. England Trophy WS

    Together with 2 fencers from my school, both aged 11, we were spectators at this event for the individual last 64 to finals yesterday.
    The set up and organisation was first class; Katie D, Jack B, Jon M, armourers, referees and everyone else involved put on an outstanding event for the fencers and spectators.
    I think that Beazley's new relationship with BF has not only been financial but has forced BF to up their game, and BF now have the professional staff to achieve this.
  3. Monéteau 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by excalibur View Post
    daughter safely home, tired but had a great time. Thanks to the team that took the squad - you are all brilliant.
    Ditto - thanks all!!
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