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  1. The North West Fencing Academy

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    Fencing@ and the North West Fencing Association are pleased to announce the opening of the North West Fencing Academy.

    The Academy is a non-affiliated and a non-political organisation that encourages each fencer to remain a member of their respective fencing clubs. It's aims are to work alongside the regions fencing clubs and to help promote the sport and develop top flight fencers. It will provide fencers from the region some of the best coaching expertise available without the
  2. Revamping The Academy Structure Is Key To Solving Issues

    For me, the European Championships was the last straw. Watching the best English fencers struggling technically to compete with the best in Europe provoked me into looking towards problems at the heart of the British development system.

    The disappointing performances triggered an internal debate as to whether our fencers are good enough to challenge consistently for honours. Reading the comments on the Fencing Forum, press articles and conversations with eminent people from with sport, ...
  3. Academy

    Finally, after weeks and months of talk the Academy will be announced to the world by the weekend. It's not going to be affiliated to British Fencing and it will insist on fencers being registered to their local clubs.

    From the plans that have been seen, its so radical and innovative that the fencing community may find it hard to take in.

    The first region to be announced is the North West and the major shock is who's going to be the Academy Director for Elite Coaching, ...
  4. The Academy Training Schedule

    Today, David Gregory got his “new” training program from Loughborough University. Despite his 3rd place in the Essex, Gregory wasn't happy with his overall performance and felt the need to step up his training and improve his mental agility under pressure.

    The plan involves;

    Swimming, Weights - Super Sets, Massage, Pilates and lastly 3 hours on Piste - 3 hours

    CV Test - 30 mins, Spinning Class, Core Strengthening, Swimming, ...
  5. Sore Head

    The boss got back from Germany this morning in a foul mood and stomped around the office like a bear with a sore tooth.

    Having spent sometime speaking to the germans, french and italians he thought it was time to see how they manufactured, distributed and sold fencing equipment to the masses.

    Travelling back he's drawn up and agreed his plans for the fencing academy and its start date, only to find that he's now going to have to “import” a coach. Seems that commitment, ...