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  1. Gav, Thanks very much indeed. We do indeed have excellent Spam filters, but I really didn't want a whole load of stuff coming in from a BF sponsored site! Would have been embarassing!! Your help is very much appreciated. Best wishes, David
  2. Hi David,

    Neil has contacted me and you should find that your email address is now in a more abstract form.

    Your IT staff should have spam blockers in place anyway - any extra spam is at most an irritant. The worry is that you might miss something important!

    If you want me to do anything else then just let me know.
  3. Hi Gav, yesterday I posted a bit of a blurb on Filton and the Apprentices' programme, and I put my email address in. After that Neil Brown advidsed me I should remove it, but (despite having edit rights on my posts) I was after the 5 mins and couldn't. Can you go in and remove the literal email addresses (2) and replace with something that malware can't detect like david dot kirby etc? It really is important tha my work email - which is necessary to publicise to BF members so we can recruit to the AASE programme - does not get spammed by Forum inspired guff! That really would bring fencing into disrepute at the College! Many thanks for your help and best wishes, David.

    The thread concerned was the Filton thread by Neil Brown, announcing my appointment at Filton (Apr 2010, I think)
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