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England Trophy WS

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Together with 2 fencers from my school, both aged 11, we were spectators at this event for the individual last 64 to finals yesterday.
The set up and organisation was first class; Katie D, Jack B, Jon M, armourers, referees and everyone else involved put on an outstanding event for the fencers and spectators.
I think that Beazley's new relationship with BF has not only been financial but has forced BF to up their game, and BF now have the professional staff to achieve this.
From my 2 fencers point of view, they offered to help and were given volunteer t-shirts, foam sabres at the end, invited to the reception lunch and to sit in the officials area. They had their photo taken with all the other adult volunteers and their photo taken for the South London Press. This will be a day they will remember.
To put on an event of this scale and still have time to treat the spectators so well is a major achievement.
Well done BF!
By the way the fencing was great also!
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